Groz Tools offers indestructible hammer handle technology

 At Groz Tools, men work on metals with a passion to engineer and the desire to excel. As a technology leader, the company specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of a wide range of tools and equipment. Over 2,000 men and women work at its production facilities to convert several tonnes of metal into premium engineering solutions. With over 200 engineers and technicians working at the company’s design centre, researchers use technically advanced software and equipments to develop custom solutions to fulfill client needs.
At Groz tools they set goals for themselves to achieve excellence in the projects that they undertake only to find themselves achieving new targets. At Groz, they follow stringent and high level of quality control systems and processes that are constantly monitored. At every stage of production, the company follows a high level of consistency.
Products offeredEnd-user demands for safe tools and safe work practices have led to Groz developing Indestructible Handle Hammer Technology.
Groz offers indestructible handle technology, vibration free – safety striking hammer comprising of (sledge hammers, club hammers, ball pein hammers, cross pein hammers which are available both with steel heads and copper heads). These hammers meet BS 876 and ANSI norms. Groz Hammers outlasts wood & fiberglass handle hammers by thousands of overstrikes.
Advantages of hammers

 Head Never gets dislodged from the handle. This provides a safe environment for work as workers and co-workers are protected from the possibility of injury
Vibration free (shock absorbent handle )
 Electrical shock resistance
 Indestructible handle technology
 Slip resistant.
These hammers have several applications in

Open cast as well as underground mining
Construction industry
Rail Industry
Heavy metal work industry
Ship building industry
Agriculture co-operatives
Automotive fleet maintenance companies (heavy automotive)
Road industry
Tyre industry
Tiling or brick layer industry
Welding industry
On shore and off shore drilling.
Safety MeasuresEnd-user training and awareness on tool safety is the need of the hour. Groz has pioneered this initiative by organising free service camps in industries and automotive workshop clusters all over the country.
For more details contact at india@groz-tools.com, care.dom@groz-tools.com; Tele: +91-124-2827734

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