Haas Automation: responding to customers’ needs

“Customers worldwide are looking at ways to improve productivity substantially without dramatically increasing capital investment and Haas has responded to this need,” says Terrence Miranda, Managing Director, Haas Automation
 From its beginnings in 1983, Haas Automation has focused on producing quality products at affordable prices. Mr Miranda describes the Hass way to adopt changing trends in technology aiming to provide solutions at affordable prices. Haas highlights Haas Automation is one of the largest machine tool manufacturers, building CNC vertical and horizontal machining centres, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5C indexers.
“Haas Automation has consistently worked towards developing a comprehensive product line which allows our users to select the machine tool which is perfect for their individual application,” says Mr Miranda. “We are able to maintain volumes in spite of this large diversity of models and options which is key to our success.”
Significant contributionsIt has over 5,000 Haas machines working in India in a variety of high-tech industries like die and mould, automotive, medical, aerospace, oilfield, mining, general engineering and more.
Haas has produced DT-1 high speed drill tap centre which sports many firsts in terms of CNC technology. Also its new UMC-750 five axis universal machining centre which breaks new ground in affordable 5 axis machining.
Haas offers a range of high performance 5 axis machining centres in vertical or horizontal configurations to machine a range of complex components such as impellers, blades, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks etc in a single setup. The new ST and DS series from Haas offers high end options such as dual spindles, C axis, Y axis and powerful live tooling for milling, all at an affordable price.
Trends in technologyIn CNC machine tools, machining centres and turning centres are becoming faster, more accurate and capable of more complex machining tasks every day.
“Customers worldwide are looking at ways to improve productivity substantially without dramatically increasing capital investment and Haas has responded to this need,” says Mr Miranda.
Hass is doing this not just by improving machine specifications: faster rapids, higher spindle speeds and the latest control and drive systems but also by innovative methods of part loading, tool changing and chip removal thereby allowing for machines to run longer unattended, produce accurate parts quickly. The extensive use of automation in robots loading/unloading parts or automatic pallet systems or bar feeding systems is a clear trend that is being seen in India. Haas has produced products like EC-400PP: horizontal machining centre with 6 station pallet pool systems and its Robot Ready Interface (RRI).
For Indian marketHaas Automation acknowledges the growth opportunity in India and has taken appropriate steps to support its growing user base here. With its Haas factory outlet (HFO) network consisting of technical centres in Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Ahmedabad, Manesar, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore and Dharwad, it endeavours to set the standard for sales, service, applications and parts support in India.
“Haas products are ideally suited for the Indian market. We offer a unique blend of performance, quality and reliability, backed by outstanding low cost service and parts support from our local HFOs,” assures Mr Miranda. “Our ever expanding customer base and growing list of repeat customers in India is testimony to this.”
HFOs are dedicated solely to the Haas product line and feature demonstration areas equipped with the latest Haas machine tools – VMCs, HMCs, lathes and rotary products as well as fully dedicated Haas service departments, training centres and a full consignment parts stock.
Future expansion plans“The new Y axis range of turning centres, drill tap centres, UMC-750 universal 5 axis machining centre and of course our popular workhorses such as the SS super speed vertical machining centres continue to be our focus and drive our growth in India,” believes Mr Miranda.
Thus the company looks to continue to expand its market share in India and be the CNC machine tool of choice for the broad majority of machine shops in India.

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