Han-Fast Lock in action

The Han-Fast Lock boasts high assembly flexibility at high current-carrying capacity on the PCB. Applications demonstrate the performance of HARTING’s connection technologyFor PCB (Printed Circuit Boards) contacting of high-current contacts, the transition from the circuit-board contact to the PCB and the associated contact resistance represent a special challenge, specifically, because the respective connection solution impacts the circuit board layout, which necessitates an optimal solution for heat management. The longer the conductor lines, the lower the potential current-carrying capacity. The same effect occurs when several high-voltage contact points are in close proximity to each other, otherwise known as hot spots. For this reason, PCB layout designers take pains to keep conductor lines in power areas short and to place them as close as possible to the power elements such as transformers or power transistors (IGBT). The difficulty here is to minimise the amount of space taken up on the board for the connection point and create the possibility of plug-in power contacts. In the past, it was always necessary to attach an additional component to the PCB, i.e. to solder or attach it via a press-in connection.Radical solutionHan-Fast Lock now makes it possible to solve all of these challenges on the PCB with a single component. Processing, i.e. the crimping of the stranded wires to the contact, occurs outside the circuit board. Here, individual contacts are available for processing with a hand crimping tool, while reels are available for pro-cessing with an automatic crimping device. This plug-in connection technology meets all the demands on the connector concepts on the PCB:•     High currents are applied to the circuit board•     The connection points on the PCB can be freely positioned•     Only one standard through contact hole is used for the connection•     No additional processing steps are necessary•     If necessary, the connection can be reversed.The Han-Fast Lock can employ any suitable connector to place high-voltage connections on the PCB. Here, the circuit board can be positioned in the device independently of the position of the connector. In addition, several different connectors with different connection cross-sections may be used simultaneously.ApplicationsThere are manifold applications of Han-Fast Lock in lighting and stage equipment. The benefits of the mateable PCB connectorare realised by scenic lighting equipment for theatres and opera houses as well as by control units for lighting systems and machinery intelevision studios. In such applications, standard contact pads are located on the PCB as connection points for the three phases and the neutral conductor. Contact points can be positioned in the vicinity of transformers. Thus, the technology keeps the conductor lines short and prevents the formation of hot spots. Connections can be established quickly and reversed if service is required.Authored by—Frank Quast, Head – Product Management Han, HARTING Technology Group, Frank.Quast@HARTING.com

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