Handle hard water with SCALETRON

Handle hard water with SCALETRON
Hard water contains calcium and magnesium salts which tend to precipitate inside the pipes, in geysers, taps and fittings thus choking the equipment apart from causing personal discomfort to hair and skin. In high hardness areas the 24″ municipal lines have been reduced to 1″ lines due to precipitation of these salts.
Nowadays most homes have concealed pipelines. If these pipelines get choked, they need to be removed and a fresh pipeline should be put in place. This leaves ugly scars on the walls which can only be removed by re-plastering the entire wall.
RemedyThe hardness of salts can be removed by a process of softening the water, whereby these calcium and magnesium salts are exchanged for sodium salts which do not precipitate inside fittings. These water softeners require periodic dosing of salt into the softener, which not every house owner is capable of. The water also becomes corrosive by this process and the householder instead of facing a problem of hard water scaling, faces a problem of corrosion of pipelines. If the pipelines corrode, then water leakages begin, thus damaging the structure of the house apart from damp walls with wall paint peeling off.
Clearly this remedy is worse than the problem as corroded pipes cannot be made new, whereas scaling can be removed.SolutionSCALETRON offers a cheap and ready solution to the problem of hard water scale. SCALETRON prevents the formation of hard water scale by a combination of pressure changes, turbulence and galvanic action which cause the dissolved scaling salts to be precipitated as fine colloidal particles which pass through the system without depositing as scale. The SCALETRON can be fitted in the existing pipeline after the booster pump and before the overhead tank to prevent lime scale choking.
AdvantagesAccording to the manufacturer, SCALETRON has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, has no electrical circuits and it provides the best, safest and most economical water treatment service for scale prevention. As the system has no recurring costs, the equipment pays for itself in a very short time. As the system uses no chemicals, it is one of the most environment safe products, the company claims.
SCALETRON is being manufactured in India under technical collaboration with Fluid Dynamics International Ltd., U.K. , one of the world leaders in non chemical water treatment equipment for hard water scale prevention.
About Fluid DynamicsFounded in 1973, Fluid Dynamics is one of the experienced water treatment product companies globally.With clients ranging from Thames Water to Pirelli, Carlsberg to the US Navy, Fluid Dynamics has supplied solutions to most water treatment problems. Markets served include Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, the USA and Canada – Fluid Dynamics has agents in more than 40 countries.
Fluid Dynamics specialises in providing unique technologies that provide environmental solutions. Fluid Dynamics is a member of UKWTA.
About Inteco ColloidsIn 1985, Inteco Colloids Pvt. Ltd. entered into a technical and financial collaboration with Fluid Dynamics International Ltd., U.K. for the manufacture of COLLOID-A-TRON and SCALETRON to provide environmentally safe scale prevention systems for industrial and residential applications. The collaboration was approved by the DGTD and the RBI and the company has been offering its products in India for over 25 years. 
Contact:Inteco Colloids Pvt. Ltd.,606, Eros Apartments, 56 Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110 019Tel: +91-11-26419319, 26284130sales@intecocolloids.comwww.intecocolloids.com

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