Hanna Instruments released industry first titrator with 40,000-step burette dosing pump

Hanna Instruments released industry first titrator with 40,000-step burette dosing pump
Hanna Instruments Inc. has released two new automatic titration systems utilising an industry first 40,000-step dosing pump.
The HI 903 Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator and the HI 902C2 two channel Potentiometric Titrators are the latest products in the Hanna family of scientific analytical instrumentation. Designed to streamline and simplify the titration process, these two units offer an excellent balance of features, accuracy and price.
The HI 903 Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator conducts moisture analysis, combining an ultra-precise titrant delivery system with a magnetic stirrer, sophisticated endpoint determination and background drift correction algorithm. The titrant delivery system is capable of dosing as little as 0.125 µL of titrant maintaining a minimal amount of drift rate. The HI 903 also features a unique anti-diffusion tip preventing unwanted diffusion of titrant into the solvent. These features allow for a 0.1 per cent accuracy when measuring water content from 100 ppm to 100 per cent. The HI 902 Potentiometric Titrator supports two analogue inputs allowing sequential titrations to be performed with different sensors for the precise analysis of acid/base, ISE, Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP), and complexometric reactions. The HI 902 uses the same 40,000-step dosing pump as the HI 903 for the precise dosing of titrant used in end point determination.
Both titrators offer Hanna’s unique “Clip LockTM” Exchangeable Burette system for quickly and easily swapping burettes with reagents used to perform different titrations. The Clip Lock system prevents cross contamination since a separate burette can be used for each titrant. Having the ability to swap burettes reduces the time it takes to change reagents for a separate titration since the titrant does not have to be purged from the burette. The other advantage of the Clip Lock Exchangeable Burette system is the ability to utilize burettes of different sizes (5, 10, and 25 ml) allowing for flexibility in the accuracy (0.1 per cent full-burette volume) and the minimum amount of titrant that is dosed.
Each unit offers a large, easy to navigate colour LCD and can be connected to a PC using Hanna software. At the end of titration, all data are automatically stored in memory and can be copied via USB flash drive or through direct connection to a PC.

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