HARTING expands its product portfolio

 HARTING Technology Group is expanding its product portfolio with the addition of a new locking system and also offering products in transponders and penetration purpose categories.
Han Hood Link ensures reliable locking Now it is possible to create simple cable-to-cable connections with the new Han Hood Link offered by HARTING. A special contour and internal seal now make it possible to connect two standard HARTING 16B hoods while simultaneously achieving an IP 65 degree of protection.
The special feature of this system is that it is made entirely of a resistant elastomer. This provides optimum protection against external mechanical forces, as well as good resistance to oils and gases.
A special contour and internal seal now enable the connection of two standard HARTING 16B hoods while simultaneously achieving an IP 65 degree of protection. The Han Hood Link locks and seals in a single system, while housings can be quickly assembled and disassembled with minimal effort – all without tools.
A simple and robust locking element is particularly advantageous in stage technology, due to the risk of connectors falling from heights and the associated damage to the locking device upon impact. This impact can be prevented by the elasticity of the new Han Hood Link, which enables mechanical forces to be absorbed from the outside. Furthermore, extending cables in machinery can be performed quickly and conveniently.
Versatile RFID transponders for optimal performanceThe company has also come up with Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) RFID transponder whose main features include robustness, temperature resistance, high protection class, performance in difficult environments.
The legal and local regulation of the frequency bands that have been released for use represents a challenging aspect of UHF RFID wireless technology. Currently, two frequency bands are of relevance: the EU-band (865-868 MHz) and the US/ASIA band (902-928 MHz). A transponder which successfully functions within both frequency bands qualifies the product for global use. Since the Ha-VIS RFID VT 86 (HT) transponder was designed for the aviation industry, the transponder can be deployed worldwide.
In other applications relevant for HARTING, e.g. MRO scenarios (maintenance, repair, operations) in industrial environments, transponders are frequently used exclusively on-site. HARTING now offers this field of applications RFID transponders from its Ha-VIS RFID VT series, which are designed and optimised for the respective band in use. The result of this optimisation is a significant increase in read ranges with no impact on minimal design size.
Through the panel with Han-YellockThe feed-through housing of the Han-Yellock connector family promises to make it easier to lay cable through several rooms in comparison to existing cable feed through systems. This new solution for panel feed-through not only facilitates handling, but also offers considerable robustness and an IP 67 degree of protection in plugged-in condition. Unlike standard feed-through systems, the HARTING solution is pluggable. To this end, the standard bulkhead mounted housing from the connector series has been complemented by the addition of a metal housing whose shape is similar to the upper part of the housing of the Han-Yellock.
The system makes handling easier. Cable sets can be completely pre-assembled and assembled with the flange at the point of penetration. The robustness achieved is also good as the housings are impact-resistant on both sides of the connector.

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