HARTING’s Han-Fast Lock PCB termination system improves power distribution

HARTING’s new Han-Fast Lock solder-free, simple push-fit, single wire PCB termination technology allows lighting dimmer, power distributor and winch/hoist motor controller entertainment equipment PCB designers, power distribution flexibility.
User benefits include the fact that power line terminations can be taken from any point on the PCB and tracks do not need to be extended to one specific connection area, thus keeping down costs by simplifying the design and saving real estate. One can also avoid concentrated hotspots and therefore handle higher currents. The easy push-click Han-Fast Lock PCB assembly fits securely in the defined standard PTH with pad and can handle up to 60 A for discrete wire stranded conductors from 4-10 sq. mm. Undamaged contacts can be extracted and re-fitted up to 10 times, simplifying equipment maintenance. Furthermore, during the production assembly process, the connection for the external power wiring can be done after the soldering of sensitive electronic components.

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