HARTING’s Han HMC: Robust solution for frequent mating and demating

In industrial production, highly automated large scale production is more and more frequently being replaced by more flexible manufacturing technology. This is due to strongly individualised products. Due to the product differentiation, the requirements for flexibility in manufacturing have increased. The consequences can again be seen especially clearly in the automotive industry.
The trend towards increased flexibility is seen in industrial production in general, and not only in automobile manufacturing. The challenges almost everywhere are:• Larger product ranges• Smaller production lots• Shorter throughput times
High number of mating cycles in Industry 4.0The answer to these challenges is a highly flexible (high volume) production that, for quite some time, has been established under the name Industry 4.0. It draws on the means of automation, the possibilities of self-configuration, self-optimisation and self-diagnoses all the way through to more complex, intelligent automation systems. In order to satisfy the growing demands for flexibility, the manufacturing plants and machines are becoming more and more modular.
In order to enable the mating and demating of such devices, machines and systems reliably over a long period of time, they must feature durable, flexible and robust interfaces. The power, data and signal transfers must remain safe and reliable in spite of frequent mating and demating.
HARTING has developed the new Han HMC connector series to satisfy the requirements. It comes up with its robustness, reliability, longevity, simple handling and flexibility.
The series is certified for applications with more than 10,000 mating cycles. This means: Han HMC connectors continue to fulfill the strict requirements of DIN EN 61984even after 10,000 mating cycles. HARTING has achieved this longevity by consistently enhancing its proven standard industrial connectors.
Major advantages• Use of known and proven components• Same handling and same processing as with standard connectors• Unchanged mounting dimensions• All existing crimp, assembly and removal tools can still be utilised.
Locking optimisedIn harsh industrial environments, but not only there, robust housings are called for to protect the connections. The locking system in the Han HMC was optimised to allow it to stand up to 10,000 closing cycles and the housings are also qualified for more than 10,000 mating cycles and always close reliably in compliance with the high IP65 protection class. The proven Han docking frames even make it possible to implement automatic docking systems for a large number of mating cycles.
Thus, HARTING is offering many options for applications with a large number of mating cycles. A special feature here is certainly the fact that both the connectors and the housings are qualified for a large number of mating or locking cycles. The connections remain reliable even under the harshest environmental conditions with frequent mating and demating.
Users can replace the standard connectors that they currently employ with Han HMC solutions without having to introduce any design changes. This is possible because only standard dimensions and components are involved. There are fundamentally no changes for users other than the fact that the Han® HMC connector is more durable.
In briefHARTING’s new Han HMC connector series offers a simple, robust and application-oriented solution for devices, machines and systems that require connections for more than 10,000 mating cycles. The series particularly targets applications in the industrial environment and in medical technology.
Authored by –Heinz-Günther Spreen,Product Manager, HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG

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