Henkel launches Loctite Safecoat with excellent adhesion

 India has a vibrant agricultural sector where water for irrigation is extracted using submersible pumps. However, most of the anticorrosion solutions offer a very short life span to the equipment or are costly and time-consuming to apply.
In practice, a submersible pump is a pump which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. Submersible pumps are divided into two major parts i.e. motor side and pump side. The motor side has two major components which are the stator and rotor which is made up of Silicone steel / CRNO (cold rolled non oriented) stampings. The motor is filled with water or at times with water and glycol mixture which acts as a coolant. The filling is done prior to installing the pump for operation in the field. Thus the rotor is always in contact with the water or water and glycol mixture.
There have been customer concerns as the rotor is susceptible to corrosion since the rotor is always in contact with water or water and glycol mixture and runs at about 2800 rpm. The corrosion affects the efficiency of the pump.  Considering the above things, Henkel has innovated its new product Loctite Safecoat. It is an easy to use product which helps in in-house production set as compared to processes like chrome plating etc which needs to be outsourced. It offers excellent adhesion to submersible pumps rotor stamping substrate. In addition, it gives a dry film thickness of 80-100 microns which is the expected range for submersible pump rotors.
Some other important features of Loctite Safecoat are:• Superior performance 2 part epoxy product specifically developed for the submersible pump rotor coating application• Heat cure product which leads to reduction in curing time • Product is applied by spraying with standard pilot S 59 gun which helps to attain consistent coating thickness• No need to add thinner into the mixed product since the viscosity of the product aids in easy sprayability • Salt spray test of 1,000 hours passed by the product

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