High temperature abrasion resistance coating

 Traditional coal tip burners are prone to wear due to exposure to high heat from furnace flame and erosion caused by coal particles in high velocity air stream. High levels of erosion lead to deformation of the coal burner tips that instantly and negatively impact the boiler efficiency.
To overcome these shortcomings and provide a reliable, cost efficient solution to burner tip wear, Henkel has introduced Loctite PC 7000 High Temperature Abrasion Resistant Coating (HTARC).
This is a unique three-component rapid setting silica-based composite coating system. It is designed to protect industrial processing equipment like coal tip burners in boilers and furnaces, against harsh temperature and abrasion environment. Loctite PC 7000 HTARC is innovative, eco-friendly, water based system that offers high abrasion resistance even at 1,000 C and above.
According to Henkel, Loctite PC 7000 HTARC offers twice the protection compared to conventional methods, leading to almost double life for the burner tip. This results in sustained boiler efficiency and lesser downtime as well as associated production losses, making it a cost effective solution. It is easy to apply on most substrates and does not require skilled labour.
Features• Unique three-component rapid setting silica-based composite coating • Environmentally friendly water based system (resins and filler mixture) • High abrasion resistance up to 1,100 C • Bonds well to porous substrates like concrete, refractory bricks etc (metal substrates need metallic mesh reinforcement).
Benefits• Up to 2 X protection from wear • Lesser production loss • Cost effective – almost 29 per cent cost saving over conventional methods • Laminar flow of coal-air mixture for optimum efficiency.

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