How to empower E&CE manufacturers

Innovation in products and manufacturing practises remain key factors in enhancing manufacturing capabilities of E&CE industry.
  A well-developed infrastructure is a foundation for growth in any country, paving the way for better quality life and rapid rise in gross domestic product (GDP), especially for developing countries such as India. Construction sector in India is considered to be the second largest employer and contributor to economic activity, after agriculture sector. 50 per cent of the demand for construction activities in India comes from the infrastructure sector, while the rest comes from industrial activities, residential and commercial development etc. According to estimates, Indian construction industry is valued to be more than $126 billion.
Current statusEarthmoving and construction equipment manufacturing in India is evolving at a brisk pace and in certain categories of equipment’s the manufacturing is already on par with global standards. Talking about the current scenario of earth moving and construction equipment (E&CE) manufacturing in India, Kennady V. Kaippally, Country Manager – Mobile & Wind Solutions, Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. says, “We at Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt Ltd are a witness to a transformative change in our own business. Started with a focus on meeting domestic requirements, we now have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chennai that is at par with global standards and supplies drives to 14 countries.”
With the government’s focus on infrastructure, there is renewed demand that is driving the E&CE growth, and India’s need for new infrastructure is substantial. Imtiaz Ahmed believes, “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan (FYP) projects an investment in the infrastructure sector of about $1 trillion while the Union Budget 2015 shows the government’s push for infrastructure sector with a hefty Rs 70,000 cr increase in investment.”
The government’s intention to support infrastructure development is outlined in many of its initiatives like 100 smart cities and Make in India. With a positive market environment for both global and local players in the infrastructure sector, the construction equipment (CE) industry has immense opportunity to contribute in India’s infrastructure growth story.
Key to infrastructure development will be for the government to create a favourable policy environment that will revive and bring speed to several long pending infrastructure projects. Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Business Head – Drives & Off Highway, SKF India feels, “Expected fast tracking infrastructure projects and increase in rural demand due to irrigation projects and state government sponsored road projects; metro projects across the country promises to create demand in cities, dedicated freight corridor and centre’s announcement of India’s first river connection project earlier this year amongst other positive policy developments should augur well for the growth of the construction equipment segment.”
India is under-penetrated in terms of infrastructure availability compared to other nations. But, the Indian E&CE market has the potential to grow. Satish Bhat MD, Ador Welding Ltd says, “Multiple challenges need to be addressed for the E&CE industry to achieve ‘long term’ potential, including land acquisition, procedural clearances, long term funding, planning and governance. Also, In addition, challenges being faced in the E&CE ‘Ecosystem’ will also need to be addressed. These challenges include – deployment of unskilled labour in the field by contractors; low demand for qualified manpower; lack of coordination among multiple stakeholders trying to enhance operator skills; lack of accreditation norms (safety, operations, training); lack of easy financing access; poor rental penetration; unfavourable taxes and regulations; variability in OEM demand; gaps in technology vis-à-vis market demand; stiff margin pressure.”
The construction equipment industry by its tremendous growth over years paves way for valuable FDI inflows and attracts various international players. It is the sector which gives either direct or indirect employment to more than 30 million people in the country and hence it is highly labour-intensive. V.V.Kamath, National Sales Director, Fronius India Pvt Ltd observes, “Among the total infrastructural investment, around 60 per cent accounts for construction equipment. During the last two decades, we could notice that the earth moving and construction equipment industry has made enormous progress and grown both in size and diversity.”
Enhancing manufacturing capabilitiesIndia has one of the lowest E&CE densities in the world, which though a constraint provides ample opportunities for future growth.  In such an environment challenge for E&CE industry remains in developing or adapting products and manufacturing capabilities that suit the specific demands of Indian market. Innovation in products and manufacturing practises remain a key in overcoming challenges. “In BTPL along with a local engineering centre, we are developing innovative products and manufacturing capabilities in our endeavour to meet the market expectations,” says Kaippally.
Today, as the construction equipment industry becomes more competitive, companies are looking for new and innovative ways to operate more efficiently and cost effectively. Sharing his views on enhancing manufacturing capabilities in E&CE industry, Ahmed says, “By leveraging Mobil Industrial Lubricants’ unique application expertise and range of premium-performance products, like the Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series of hydraulic fluids, companies in the construction and mining sector can help enhance their ability to reach their operation goals and gain a unique advantage in the marketplace. Mobil Industrial lubricants are expertly formulated to help reduce maintenance costs, extend oil drain intervals and deliver exceptional protection for key components, even under extreme weather and load conditions.”
In industries around the world, improving productivity is a top priority. ExxonMobil continue to demonstrate this value proposition through its products; whether it is Mobil DTE 10 Excel which can provide up to 6 per cent improvement in hydraulic system efficiency or Mobil SHC 600 used in gear and bearing circulating applications that can result up to 3.6 per cent energy efficiency savings and services that deliver commitment of advancing productivity benefits in the areas of safety, environmental care and productivity.
Ahmed adds, “Besides our comprehensive line-up of lubricants we offer a range of valuable services to our customers to help ensure they can fully realise the benefits our products offer so that they can help avoid common issues. ExxonMobil engineers have the technical experience and skills to help our customers maximise their productivity, reduce maintenance costs and increase the operational efficiency of their equipment.”
ExxonMobil range of PES (Planned Engineering Services) includes lubricant evaluations and audits, equipment checks, SIGNUM used oil analysis and interpretation, hydraulic system inspections, grease training on application and use, centralised grease system analysis and optimisation, troubleshoot services.
To enhance the manufacturing capability of E&CE industry, Bhat says, “Replacing old version of low productivity with high power consuming equipments with latest technologically improved equipments for manufacturing shop-floor, conducting skill enhancing training for the operators and automation in parts or complete assembly line.”
Kamath believes, “Automation and robotics are the best way to enhance the manufacturing capability thereby ensuring the repeatability, consistency and higher productivity at the same time by reducing the repair or rework and rejections.”
Solutions offered in manufacturing facility of E&CEBonfiglioli offers a vast array of solutions in E&CE industry, made out of its facility in Chennai. These include extremely compact 700 CK series drives, powered by integrated axial piston motors used extensively for excavators. Highly robust 700 C series with fail safe parking brake compatible with most cartridge type fixed or variable displacement motors for track drive and drum drive  applications used widely in machines ranging from pavers, compactors, loaders to drilling equipment’s. Innovative 700T series that provides safest and most effective solution for all slew drive applications in excavators and cranes. Convenient 600 series wheel drives with option of park brake disengagement for towing the vehicle during emergency. Absolutely dependable 500 series drum drives used for transit mixer applications and famous for their low maintenance. Versatile 300 series, used in concrete mixers, tower cranes and all other applications where shock loads are more a rule than exception.
Kaippally says, “Most of our customers make a wide array of construction equipment, each one having its own specific structural and duty characteristics. We offer a broad range of products that is unmatched in our industry, perfectly tailored to meet the varied demands making us a one stop shop for our customers.”
Talking specifically about earthmoving and construction equipment sector, Ahmed says, “We have plans and strategies in place which are working well in the current market scenario. With development in this sector, Mobil will continue to support its customers in achieving their productivity and cost saving objectives through innovative lubrication solutions. We look forward to our increased engineering collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers in India to ensure optimal performance of our technology leading lubricants and take on specific lubrication challenges presented by various industrial machineries to deliver advancing productivity benefits.”
Ahmed adds, “Our priority will be to engage with equipment builders and local end consumers of lubricants thereby strengthening our foot print by way of delivering advancing productivity benefits that ensure operational safety, improved environmental care and increased productivity. Our Equipment Builder Services Group has been playing an instrumental role since 1914, working closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers to understand equipment trends, analyse lubrication challenges, provide consultancy on lubrication system design, help trouble shoot field lubrication issues and introduce new products and technologies.”
Mobil Industrial Lubricants has an extensive range of advanced technology lubricants that are well suited for construction and mining applications which include Mobil SHC and Mobil SHC Gear series of synthetic oils, Mobil grease XHP 220 series of high performance greases and our Mobil DTE 10 Excel series of high-performance hydraulic fluids. These products are formulated to help construction and mining companies achieve their safety, environmental care and productivity related goals, and deliver a range of performance benefits, including – extended equipment life, improved energy efficiency, longer oil life and enhanced environmental awareness.Mobil’s advanced technology offerings for the construction equipment sector includes: • Mobil SHC Gear Series: A family of superb performance fully-synthetic, industrial gear oil qualified by major gear original equipment manufacturers. In statistically validated laboratory tests and field trials, Mobil SHC Gear fluids exhibited energy savings of up to 3.6 per cent compared with conventional gear oils.
• Mobil grease XHP 220 Series: A range of premium quality greases that are designed to help optimise equipment reliability in a wide variety of heavy-duty applications and operating conditions. Mobil grease XHP 222 is part of the Mobil grease XHP 220 series of extended service lithium complex greases intended for a wide variety of applications and severe operating conditions. These greases have been designed to outperform conventional products by applying cutting edge, proprietary, and lithium complex manufacturing technology. They are formulated to provide excellent high temperature performance with superb adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water contamination. The excellence of Mobil grease XHP 222, for example, is recognised by more than 150 builders of critical industrial equipment who approve or endorse its use.
• Mobil DTE 10 Excel Series: A range of high performance hydraulic fluids, The Mobil DTE 10 Excel series hydraulic oils provide outstanding hydraulic system efficiency; ultra keep clean performance, and a high degree of fluid durability. Their excellent oxidation and thermal stability can help in extending oil and filter change intervals. Their high level of anti-wear properties and excellent film strength characteristics result in a high degree of equipment protection that not only results in fewer breakdowns but helps improve production capacity as well.
• Mobil Delvac 1 Series: A full range of synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil that helps extend engine life while providing long oil drain intervals, extreme high-and-low-temperature performance and fuel economy potential.In recent years, Mobil has also introduced the new range of Mobil SHC products 600 series, SHC Gear and SHC Gear OH for off-highway application. One of the key initiatives that Mobil is engaged in is to bring mining sector solutions in India.
SKF provides complete solutions by way of bearings, central lubrication systems, condition monitoring and design engineering for the off-highway, construction and agricultural machinery.
SKF has a broad range of bearing types like standard cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, plain bearings, slewing bearings.
Kulkarni says, “We provide comprehensive sealing solutions for all parts of off-highway machines- ranging from engine and transmission, chassis and suspensions, drivelines, undercarriages, hydraulic cylinders and ‘sealed for life’ products like SKF Agri Hub for agricultural applications. With SKF sealing solutions, customers can reduce weight, noise and simplify installation.”
By integrating mechanical, electronic and information technologies, SKF help customers design smart products through mechatronics that provide high reliability in harsh environments and reduce maintenance cost and also provide extensive range of customised lubrication systems which optimise efficiency, reduce maintenance and enhance reliability.
The establishment of GTCI is part of SKF’s technology strategy to develop a global product development and engineering organisation. SKF’s customers in India will benefit from ‘’closer to home” availability of SKF’s global knowledge and expertise to address India’s growing need for incorporating latest technology in their new product development.
Ador Welding Ltd offers a wide range of welding equipments encompassing various technologies like diesel engine driven, motor generator type, diode based, thyristor based and digital inverter based for all types of welding – SMAW, GMAW, GTAW and SAW. The company also offers a wide range of industrial gas cutting equipments, plasma cutting equipments, CNC cutting systems and welding automation for customised applications.
Earlier the earthmover parts were made with thicker plates of normal steel. Now a day it is manufactured with Fine Grain Steel and High Strength Low alloy steel and many other special steel. These steels are to be welded at the least heat input possible.  The lowest heat input shall be achieved by two ways –   weld with higher welding speed and use the power source with special synergic characteristics and there by welding at low heat input (low amps & volts).  
Fronius has developed the PMC (Pulse Multi Control) pulse welding package which provides the welder with access to a wide range of synergic characteristics, which fully exploit the possibilities offered by the latest generation of Fronius devices. An improved pulse correction function, a refined Synchro Pulse process and completely new functions such as the penetration stabiliser and the arc length stabiliser simplify use of the tried-and-tested welding process and result in even better welding outcomes.
Even if stick out fluctuations occur, for example in corners that are difficult to access or due to fluctuations in the welding path, the newly-developed penetration stabiliser keeps the fusion penetration constant by adjusting the wire feed speed. Thanks to the high computing power, the large memory, and the extremely fast system bus and not least the highly dynamic wire feed speed, the TPS/i is able to execute this control in an especially quick and precise manner, without any overshooting. As a result, it is possible to maintain the arc length and therefore the fusion penetration at the same level over a large area. This noticeably simplifies handling. The value of the maximum regulated wire feed speed can be set and limited by the user within a window of up to 10 metres. This means that compliance with the requirements set out by welding procedure specifications is ensured even when the stabiliser is activated.
 Just as useful as the penetration stabiliser during manual and automated welding is the similarly brand new arc length stabiliser function. Using this function, the user can directly influence the arc length via the welding voltage. The result is a short arc with which short circuits occur, guaranteeing a safe droplet transfer that is not susceptible to interference. The rapid control keeps the short circuit duration to a minimum and reduces the voltage in good time, effectively guarding against incomplete fusion and spatter. There is no need for the user to carry out manual readjustment in the event of external interference
 However, for users who prefer to work with the familiar arc length correction function or who are obliged to do so by welding procedure specifications, Fronius has also integrated these functions into the PMC. The pulse dynamic correction has been incorporated into the package too. It can therefore be used with the TPS/i as well to accelerate droplet detachment, but it now maintains the energy input at a constant level. PCS (Pulse Controlled Spray-Arc) is also included in the scope of supply with the PMC process. This characteristic enables users to switch smoothly between pulsed arc and spray arc, doing away with the problematic intermediate arc.
———————–Besides our comprehensive line-up of lubricants we offer a range of valuable services to our customers to help ensure they can fully realise the benefits our products offer.
Imtiaz Ahmed, Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants————————
————————-Multiple challenges need to be addressed for the E&CE industry to achieve ‘long term’ potential, including land acquisition, procedural clearances, long term funding, planning and governance.
Satish Bhat MD Ador Welding———————————-
——————————–We provide comprehensive sealing solutions for all parts of off-highway machines ranging from engine and transmission, chassis and suspensions, drivelines, undercarriages, hydraulic cylinders and ‘sealed for life’ products.
Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Business Head – Drives & Off Highway, SKF India———————–
————————-In BTPL along with a local engineering centre, we are developing innovative products and manufacturing capabilities in our endeavour to meet the market expectations.
Kennady V. Kaippally, Country Manager – Mobile & Wind Solutions, Bonfiglioli Transmissions Pvt. Ltd.———————-
———————-Automation and robotics are the best way to enhance the manufacturing capability thereby ensuring the repeatability, consistency and higher productivity.
V.V.Kamath, National Sales Director, Fronius India Pvt Limited

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