How to optimise resource management in welding

Nimesh Chinoy, Marketing Director – SigmaWeld, Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd explains the factors one should know so that he/she can make the right decision and optimise resource management
  Today customers need a 360 degree view on the production process. One needs to know what equipment they have , how are the resources being utilised, how to ensure a contractual welder follows the WPS, how to optimise productivity with the resources available, how to ensure repeated quality and reduce rejects , rework to increase productivity and profitability.
Electronics Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd has over the past 40 years given 360 degree view and solutions in the field of induction heating, induction sealing and welding. SigmaWeld is focused on welding as a complete process. Closing the loop of equipment to complete automated solutions for welding and material handling.
Welding invertersThe company has the full range of welding inverters designed, developed and produced in India for the Indian workplace. Its SigmaWeld range of welding inverters is from 170 Amps to 1,000 Amps, for GTAW, GMAW, SMAW and SAW processes.
Parameter locking remotesMost of the mass production facilities depend heavily on the contractual welders. These welders have varied skill levels. They are also paid by the hour and on production basis, to maximise the possibilities they normally weld beyond the WPS required, leading to higher rejections, spatter levels or poor quality. SigmaWeld has developed a feature to lock the current and voltage parameters by using microprocessor technology as per WPS standard. This helps the supervisors lock the parameters as per WPS and the operators cannot change the settings without supervision. SigmaWeld offers parameter locking software with detachable remotes for GTAW and GMAW applications.
Semi-automatic welding systemsProductivity improvement is always on the production heads top priorities. Doing it without compromising on existing man power and extra cost is the challenge. SigmaWeld had developed a series of semi-automatic systems such as cold wire feeders, linear trolleys, motorised slides, oscilattor systems which increase the productivity in GTAW, GMAW processes without adding much costs. These systems help bring in repeatability, take away the fatigue factor from the operator and help get higher productivity at lower costs.
Welding monitoring systemsSo you have many welding machines on your shopfloor, the next few projects to execute are on the cards and you need to plan your resources. How do you know how well are the existing machines being used? How many hours are each equipment being used for, how long do they stay idle, what parameters are the welders welding each job? These are some answers one should know so that he/she can make the right decision and optimise resource management.
Taking a step further there are critical applications where your customer would like to know exactly what parameters the welders have used during welding. Imagine having a log of the parameters used during welding on a minute by minute account, submitted to your customer along with your other reports. This would mean the world of confidence your customer would have on the supplied jobs. SigmaWeld has developed a welding monitoring system, which can monitor online welding parameters for any welding equipment, feed you live data via Ethernet or Internet, or log your data to be downloaded over a pen drive at the end of each shift.
Welding automation systems and robotic integrationIncreased productivity, reduced costs and repeated quality is the need of the hour. SigmaWeld helps select the right solution for a problem. It helps to choose between using only fixtures to get repeatability, or a special purpose machine to automate your welding or material handling process, or a combination of both to give a robotic solution to take care of variations in job or do multiple jobs with the same robot.
It has executed automation projects for critical RT joints to ensure average welder can produce radiographic quality welds each time. The company has integrated robots for solutions which allow customers to handle 22 types of jobs on the same system with ease. It has given simple fixtures to ensure 100 per cent throughput with the right quality using the same manpower.
The company offers complete solutions for automatic GTAW welding with hot wire, with single or twin wire feeding, oscillators and weaving units with automatic voltage correction (AVC) to ensure same arc length. These systems can easily weld butt joints, fillet joints and even cladding.
With the latest technology available Electroncis Devices is now wireless. It can control the system with phone, tab or the HMI on the system.
Electroncis Devices Worldwide Pvt Ltd was established in 1974 by two technocrats with a vision to set global benchmark by being the “best in class” in its fields, by providing world-class, energy efficient, environment friendly and innovative products through unwavering faith in the spirit of “Making Things Happen” for its  customers. Over the past 40 years the company has created complete solutions for induction heating, induction sealing and welding inverters.
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