Hydro Multi B-simplified pressure boosting pumps for Indian market

Hydro Multi B-simplified pressure boosting pumps for Indian market
After successfully providing pump solution across the Indian markets, Grundfos Pumps India Pvt. Ltd. introduces the complete range of Hydro Multi-B pressure boosting pumps. The Hydro Multi-B is a new booster set product in-line with “pressure boosting made simple” concept. The design for booster pumps is focused entirely on meeting the needs of economy-class market of India, especially the building services.
Hydro Multi-B is designed to simplify the pressure boosting and best in terms of dedicated pump control. Hydro Multi-B is easy to operate as it is highly user friendly. They also meet the safety factor, and it’s fast to install. Hydro Multi-B is easy for any installer as it is ready set pump with a remote start and stop. The booster pumps support two main applications—first, keeping constant pressure in applications with varying flow needs such as commercial and domestic buildings; and second, there is a dedicated tank filling solution with special cascade ramp-up that protects the piping.
This new Hydro Multi-B has been developed by conducting intensive discussions and survey with building services market in the last 2 years. It was a main target for the Hydro Multi-B project to deliver a product line that will be competitive, meeting the optimum demands of Indian customers.
The Hydro Multi-B line intends to lead a competitive range of booster products, incorporating high-efficient, horizontal stainless steel CM/CME range of pumps. The system has the discharge capacity, which is extended up to 40 cubic metres per hour and the head ranges up to 65 metre. In order to meet the needs of competitive market, different variants have been created such as all 306 stainless, galvanized steel and multi-B/S version motors.

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