iglidur X: Plain bearing material withstands temperatures from -100 to + 250 C

  The motion plastics specialist igus has been offering a material for the extremes for many years – iglidur X. Pressure, heat, cold, moisture or acids – is no big deal for iglidur X.
As part of the igus standard range campaign that covers 113 dimensions, more are being added to the existing 312 catalogue dimensions. All standard sizes of the plain bearing material are thus available from igus within 24 hours.
iglidur X is the perfect material for applications that can be really hot, cold or harsh. iglidur has been designed by igus for extremely difficult environments. These include extreme operating temperatures from -100 to +250 C, even in continuous operation and with aggressive chemicals.
Provides longer life in practiceThe chemical resistance of iglidur X makes it ideal for use in, inter alia, fuel pumps. Traditionally other plain bearings such as PTFE-coated bearings have at times contaminated the fuel and damaged the shafts.
Now the iglidur X bearing ensures a longer service life of the pump. One of the most extraordinary areas of application of iglidur X was in the “Porton Man”, a robot used for testing protective clothing in the British defence industry. This was among the submissions for the 2015 manus competition for exciting bearings applications. The rugged iglidur X bearings that withstand the stress of chemical, biological or radioactive materials are applied in all joints of the robot being used for testing the protective clothing.
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