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Quick change tapping chucks, quick change tap adaptors
CNC Tap Chucks-QCLK
Application: For use on CNC machining centers, CNC turning centers, center lathe, drilling machines, milling machines and other machines with reversible spindles.
Features: Short design and low weight. Designed to hold Quick Change tap adaptors with or without safety clutch. Length compensation acting on compression and expansion to compensate for differences between spindle feed and pitch of thread.
Quick Change Tapping Chucks-QC QCFLX: 
For use on manual and CNC controlled radial drilling machines. For the production of larger size of threads in heavy industries up to M200.
Features: Quick change of tap adaptors with adjustable safety clutch with disengagement to protect the tap. Length compensation. Other shank is available.
Quick Change Tap Adaptors: QA QASB. Application: Quick change tap adaptors can be used with the IMI quick change tapping chucks. Model: QCLK and QC-QCFLX.
Features: Quick change of tap by merely depressing the adaptor bush and inserting the tap. Each tap size requires a specific adaptor. Quick change of tap adaptors. To insert push the adaptors into the chuck and to eject knurled sleeve of the chuck is only to be pushed back.
Sensitive and smooth operating ball clutch, this eliminates tap breakage which may occur when the tap becomes dull and thereby takes higher torque or tap bottoms in a blind hole. Length adjustment device, makes finer adjustment of height possible to meet tapping requirement at different levels or due to different tap lengths, also helps in adjusting the setting after tap regrinding.
Available with or without clutch, length adjustment device, extended length and/ or reduced insertion of tap, especially pipe taps to British standard. Adaptors with safety clutch for left-hand taps are available on request. Special purpose adaptors are available on request.
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