Imported automation products to remain in demand

Introducing innovative products with new technologies, Samir Gandhi, Executive Director, Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. takes a look at several strategies poised towards growth of the manufacturing sector
Could you give us a brief on the automation industry in India?
The Indian industry is moving at a fast pace, keeping this fact in mind; the real estate infrastructure boom will have a positive impact on the manufacturing sector. The demand for automation is expected to sore high in India, in spite of a massive augmentation in indigenous production, the manufacturing industry will need imported automation products to fill in gaps and meet niche requirement.
Target sectors
Gandhi Automation has its clientele across all industrial sectors that includes telecommunication, power, pharmaceuticals, steel, automobile, aviation, logistics, oil & gas, packaging, dairy, healthcare, textile, construction industry etc.
Market size and share
In the imported dock levellers and industrial doors segment, Gandhi Automations has more than 75 per cent market share in India which means every three out of four dock levellers/ industrial doors have been sold and installed by the company in the past 5 years.
Over the years the company has earned a reputation of offering world class quality products along with best of after sales support. This is the USP and Gandhi Automations has today become synonymous with quality and service excellence.
Success mantra
Without innovation an organisation may sustain a stable growth but to achieve the desired growth rate, innovation is the key to maintain leadership in the marketplace and to achieve its strategic goals, the product range is developed so that production processes are as efficient as possible and the products are technically superior, hence possessing a natural advantage in the market place.
Technological advancements
For Gandhi Automations, research is an ongoing process. A large share of resources is invested to continue producing winning solutions in terms of functionality ergonomics and design. New product design and development is more often a crucial factor in the survival of a company.
In an industry that is fast changing, the company continuously revives designs and range of products. This is necessary due to constant change in technology and development as well as other competitors and the changing preferences of customers.
Growth plan
Since its inception in 1996 Gandhi Automations Pvt. Ltd. has grown into a company of 300 employees with several branches in most of the key cities in India. Today it stands at the no. one position and is still moving on.
Over the years we have added a number of products with an ability to achieve higher growth in sales. Our strategy for growth is to keep concentrating on the key areas that is latest product offerings in terms of technology. If you keep excelling and performing consistently in what you are good at, then growth and success will follow.
Recent initiatives
We are trying to introduce tail lifts for trucks. These are very common place in Europe & USA but in India they are non‑existent at present but we feel if we can promote them properly, it will be a big hit in next five years.

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