IMTEX showcased strength of machine tools industry

IMTEX showcased strength of machine tools industry
Indian machine tool industry is transforming to become more productive, more efficient and cost competitive this year; that’s what IMTEX showcased
IMTEX, the one of sought-after machine tools exhibitions in India, held from January 24th-30th, 2013, at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre.
The exhibition showcased the latest trends as well as refinements to the already successful technologies. The 7-day expo also spearheaded a range of opportunities for everyone connected to manufacturing.
Key highlights of the exhibitionExhibitors from across 25 countries participated in the exhibition. Important participating countries were Australia, Canada, France, Korea, Holland, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Japan, Thailand, UK, and US. The exhibition also had group participation from nine countries such as China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Singapore, and USA.
The exhibition had unlimited offerings for several industries including aerospace, automobiles, defence, capital goods, electrical and electronics, food processing and dairy equipment, railways, infrastructure, oil and gas equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, space and nuclear, and telecom.
Concurrent to IMTEX 2013, IMTMA organised Tooltech 2013, 15th international exhibition of cutting tools, tooling systems, machine tool accessories, metrology, and CAD/CAM.
Tooltech featured recent innovations in tooling technologies for precision finish as well as for cost competitiveness in all metal working operations. IMTEX and Tooltech 2013 have become the ultimate facilitators for B2B cooperation between manufacturers and consumers of all hues connected to manufacturing technologies.“The size of the machine tool industry stands at Rs. 1,17,644 million off which the domestic production makes for around 33 per cent of the total consumption,” shared Vikram Sirur, President, IMTMA. “The Indian players have grown rapidly over the last 10 years and now have their presence across all the categories.”
Shailesh Sheth, Media Chairman, IMTMA, said, “Over the years, IMTEX has been a driving force for the exponential growth of Indian machine tool industry. The key emphasis of IMTEX 2013 is to showcase latest technologies and innovations catering to the manufacturing industry. IMTEX 2013 promises to be the largest specialised-trade fair that will attract buyers and manufacturing professionals and will enhance technological efficiency across various sectors.”
The 7-day exhibition was preceded by a day-long international seminar on 23rd January on ‘machining technologies’.  Frank Brinken, Starrag AG and Dr Anil Srivastava, Chief Technology Officer, Techsolve Inc., US, delivered keynote address.
Machine tool industry in India• Demand growth expected to hold steady at 15% CAGR• Production projected to grow at 25% CAGR• Exports is likely to grow at 25% CAGR during the 12th Five-Year Plan• Imports are estimated to grow at a CAGR of 6.7%• Total sales turnover in LFY 2011-12 is $ 955 mn• Total orders booked is LFY 2011-12 is $ 983 mn• Global position of India in 2011 was 7th

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