India has possibility to become global manufacturing hub

“In India, the manufacturing cost is significantly low, and the country has a great chance for success”
– Avnish Kumar, Segment Leader India-Renewable Energy, GGB Bearing Technology
GGB Bearing Technology is one of the global leaders in high-performance bearing solution, catering around 30 per cent share of world business. It is also one of the largest plain bearing manufacturers worldwide. Avnish Kumar shares GGB’s success mantra and its attempts to explore renewable energy segment.
Performance in 2012During the last year’s tough time, GGB had a good business. It had done business of around $6 million in the previous financial year. The company also added some new important clients like Om Metals and Flovel for renewable energy.
Capturing marketIn order to capture market, especially renewable energy, GGB had started to explore market, segment wise. Continuing research and innovation in its product development is also a factor for GGB’s growth globally. To explore entire renewable energy segment, GGB launched several new products in Hydrovision 2013. The company will continue to work on product leadership direction and form strategies accordingly.
India as global manufacturing hubIndia has a great possibility to become manufacturing hub, economically. In India, the manufacturing cost is significantly low and the country has a great chance for success.
Solution-oriented productsGBB is solution-oriented company rather than being product focused. It offers high-performance plain bearings solutions like metal polymer, filament wound composite bearings, engineered polymer bearings, aluminium alloy bearings, and bronze alloy bearings. Its products are used in automotive, renewable energy, fluid power, construction, agricultural equipment etc.
Major GGB clientsIn renewable energy, several major players are GGB clients. It is supplying hydro gates bearings to PES Engineers, Greyhound, and Om Metals, to name a few. GGB offers electro mechanical products Andritz Hydro, Flovel Energy, Alstom, Voith, HPP, etc.
Manufacturing facilitatesGGB has 10 manufacturing facilitates across the globe; however, it doesn’t have any in India. It manufactures renewable energy related products at Brazil (for graphite/PTFE plugged bronze bearings), US (for HPM/HPF) and Germany (DUB parts).
New offeringsIn Hydrovision 2013, GGB launched two new products: GGB-CBM and GGB-CSM. The GGB-CSM and GGB-CBM bearing materials are manufactured using a powder metallurgy process to produce a metallic matrix with homogeneously distributed solid lubricant (graphite, MoS2), which forms a lubricant film with the bearings’ motion. Potential applications include general mechanical engineering, steel plants, steel works and civil engineering, turbines (water, steam, gas), pumps and compressors, food and beverage industry, packaging and handling equipment, tyre mould, and agricultural and construction machinery. The GGB-CSM series is based on a range of alloys consisting of bronze, iron, and nickel and includes materials that are wear resistant, thermal relaxed and thermal stabilised. The GGB-CBM series is based on a range of bronze alloys, including lead-free offerings with a choice of stainless, carbon, seawater-resistant steel and bronze backings.

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