India in driving position

At present India is in driving position to cater the demands of many European, Asian and Middle East countries and can grow dynamically
ATS Conveyers India is 100 per cent subsidiary of ATS Group. Having its unit located in Pune, it now has installed more than 70 installations all over India within the last 6 years. Though its mechanical and automation concepts come from Europe, all the mechanical fabrication, machining, assembly and tests are performed in its workshop in India.
ATS India claims that it is fully integrated, and takes care of all the electrical and automation activities with 100 per cent in-house control panel assembly, wiring and software programming. Dayanand Dalvi  shares his views on India’s probable success in manufacturing sector.
India can grow dynamicallyNo doubt that manufacturing sector in India is healthy irrespective of today’s market situation. However, it lacks in competitiveness compared with the global market. Indian industrialists believe in technology-intensive manufacturing, but lack of skilled manpower, and infrastructure issues make things difficult.
At present India is in driving position to cater the demands of many European, Asian and Middle East countries and can grow dynamically with little think-tank of individual and government.
Key factors in growth• Firstly, there should be sustainable and stable governance backed by infrastructure projects, health and agriculture sector initiatives• Meeting global quality standards along with cost competitive manufacturing• Restructuring plan to improve the enormous losses and deteriorating market shares is important.
HurdlesMajor bottleneck is R&D sector and this has not been sufficiently explored to the required extent. It actually needs complete focus and attention.
Apart from this, technological capabilities also need to be improved which is possible by creating conductive environment and increasing business expenditure on R&D.
From govt sideIndian government has to make each and every possible effort to improve the investment environment in country. That should enable manufacturing as well as infrastructure projects to be implemented in the shortest possible time.
The competitiveness of manufacturing industry is needed to be at the core of policy so that enough supply to the domestic market and also export to the world could be achieved.
ATS plansATS, from its side, is of course excited to share its part in India’s growth journey. For the purpose it has some special plans designed for future.• Skill building and human resource development with available reforms by employing the training and awareness and exploring new areas of manufacturing• Enabling more and more employment with additional work measures• Technology upgradation as a due task for individual, and R&D• Core investment in R&D, manufacturing and service capacities• Study the global market scenario and boosting manufacturing export according to need• Diversification into sectors such as logistics, chemical and FMCG etc.
Dayanand Dalvi, CEO, ATS Conveyors India Pvt. Ltd.

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