India is strategically important market for Schuler

“The most important factor for Schuler is to remain present, active and look for the business opportunities out of this interesting market,” says Dilip M Thaker, Managing Director, Schuler India Pvt. Ltd.
Since 1994 as a wholly owned subsidiary, Schuler India has been active in India in almost all the key segments such as automotive, power (for large electric motor manufacturer), forging industry and minting (specialised field). In an exclusive interview, Dilip M Thaker shares why India takes a special place market amongst other emerging countries.
Brief us on the metal forming industry in India.Recently, while studying the statistical data about the overall machine tools consumption by different countries in the world, I found an interesting comparison.  China is the biggest consumer at around $700 billion and India stands at just $32 billion. This indicates two things: first, the manufacturing operation in China as a market and second, sustainability of this market. Therefore, India would remain a very interesting market and has huge potential to become the manufacturing centre as the economy develops.
How is the current demand-supply scenario?At the moment, the metal forming industry in India heavily relies on the imports. Nearly 70 per cent of the metal forming equipment required in the country are imported.
Industrial manufacturing sector in India is struggling with multiple bottlenecks. According to you, what solutions should be implemented immediately to see a turnaround in the industry?Well, it’s a very complex question! As you know the general election is expected very soon in India. Regardless of the party who wins the election, the basic reform process must be expedited, and concrete steps must be taken to boost the investment to turnaround the industry.
Your company has experience of doing business across the globe. How significant is the Indian business as far as your global business turnover and capabilities are concerned? India for Schuler Group is strategically a very important market amongst other emerging countries. Schuler has been operating in India since 1994 with the wholly owned subsidiary. Schuler has been active in India in almost all the key segments such as automotive, power sector, forging industry as well as minting. Over and above, we also provide the most valued after-sales services.
What is your commitment to the Indian market?Well, the most important factor for Schuler is to remain present, active and look for the business opportunities out of this interesting market. Introduce, present and demonstrate to the potential customer, new developments and latest innovation in metal forming. The important is the advantage of Schuler’s offer to the customer in achieving international quality parameters and manufacturing efficiencies to remain globally competitive.
Could you brief us on your manufacturing facility and capabilities in India?Recently, Schuler has inaugurated a huge facility, covering approximately 16,000 sq. metres of new manufacturing facilities in Dalian, North of China. The Indian manufacturing facility is under discussions and scrutiny.
What kind of technologies has been introduced to enhance your manufacturing efficiency?Schuler Technology offers new technology and most innovative development of products for the automotive industry, which is very much in focus in the global market; customer development in the laser blanking without stop-and-go with huge advantages and flexibility, high-speed press line with Servo Direct Technology etc. Hence, there are several significant developments of Schuler Technology to help customer enhance their manufacturing efficiency.
Do you have any plan to make India your low-cost manufacturing hub?Schuler has invested heavily in setting up another manufacturing facility in China. We would like to utilise this facility as a first step to offer its benefits to Asian markets including India. If it becomes necessary, the management may consider further investment in India.

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