India to meet global needs

India offers many advantages to the global manufacturers willing to set up a new base
 Headquartered in Delhi, Wohlhaupter India is a fully-owned subsidiary of Wohlhaupter Group. The company offers precision and comfortable tool handling by providing innovative technology and the latest manufacturing techniques. Believing in India’s capacity, Keshav Khurana explains the advantageous position of India.
Advantage IndiaThe rate of change in customer requirements and market conditions has gone really up now. India offers many advantages to the global manufacturers willing to set up a new base. The large areas of land, cheap labour, quality engineering standards all show a lucrative picture to the manufacturers. Setting up of more NSEZs, SEZs, EOU areas will help further.
Considerable changes and expectations of customers are moving towards faster response as well as lesser lead time other than technological changes. However, one thing is for sure that Indian manufacturing sector has talent and flexibility to meet global needs.
Triggering factorsThe future of Indian manufacturing is definitely bright. With time, customers have also gained insight about the products which they receive from manufacturers. This has been possible with the trainings which they undergo and all the news which they keep receiving from manufacturers and media regarding new technologies, collaborations etc.
Now it needs to be little relaxed on taxation and regulation policies. Some tie-ups should be made with various countries.
Resistances Uneven and unexpected turns in the economy are projecting a cautious approach for the manufacturers and consumers. Economy could be referred as the biggest reason for this slow approach. Manufacturing in today’s competitive world is seeing a stiff competition. The trend is totally unpredictable in this competitive environment and it’s all about the best quality in the most cost effective manner.
Moreover, with the economy undergoing ups and downs, market is not stable and needs are varying on day to day basis. The success is really about what different can be given to the customers which can exceeds their quality expectations and matching cost requirements too.
Tasks for new govt.The most important task for new government will be to focus on infrastructure growth which is really not in line with requirement of a developing country like India. Second major issue is to address the unemployment of talent available in India. Rapid measures need to be taken to control the fluctuations in economy. At the same time, the collapsing value of rupee is a concern too. Policies for land acquisition, taxation, legal and regulation formalities and their related procedures should be more industrial friendly. If these kinds of issues get addressed by govt., India would surely be a strong contender to become global manufacturing hub.
Vision for Wohlhaupter Wohlhaupter India believes that its approach has always been providing the quality to its customers in a cost effective way as customers are always concerned about the benefits they are going to get.
Considering the economy and industry movements, Wohlhaupter has charted out year 2020 plan to take its roadmap ahead which is definitely helping it to see a bright future.
Keshav Khurana, Sales Director and Country Head, Wohlhaupter India

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