“Indian Industry Facing Talent Crunch” [Dec 2011]

“Lack of skilled personnel is a major drawback. Also, the lack of efficient training facilities to use and handle new products is another important issue. We have talent but we do not train them properly”, comments Anil Manduskar, MD, WAM India
With an objective to view the changing market scenario, WAM India participated in EXCON 2011.  “Increasing the number of clientèle, maintaining our relationship and lookout for more innovative products were the main aims”, said Anil Manduskar, MD, WAM India. “The Indian market needs adoption of new technologies and introducing them all over the world and adoption is something to be looked at. We cannot simply give a technology and say this is what we want to do. It is basically a mindset which needs a change”.
WAM India, the Indian Subsidiary of WAMGROUP S.p.A. (Italy) has its main office and manufacturing unit at Navi Mumbai and branches at Gurgaon, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. WAM INDIA commenced its operation in India from April 1998. Today, WAMGROUP manufactures and supplies a comprehensive product range including equipment for bulk material handling, dust filtration, waste water, mixing and vibration technology. Strongly focused on the requirements of the market, WAMGROUP aims to produce market-oriented solutions and to turn them into a particularly user-friendly standard. High quality and a price-performance ratio make WAMGROUP equipment the ideal choice for every project engineer and give the customer the best deal available on the market.Schwing Stetter, Lafarge, Aquarius Engineers are few of the prominent clients of WAM India.
Focus on Innovative TechnologyHighlighting the company’s efforts towards sustainable technology and environmental safety, Mr. Manduskar said, “For our market, Concrete Reclaimer is a new product. It is not the product we talk about; rather we focus on the technology, the environmental safety, with awareness as a key. The idea here is to make people aware and communicate to them that the solutions are available. For instance, the Concrete Reclaimer pays back what is invested depending from one year to 15 months also the concrete is completely recycled”.
Growth StoryWAM India has been achieving 100 per cent growth throughout. Now the company’s focus is on established business. With a major market share, WAM India plans to introduce new products as part of its growth strategy. “We are basically powder handlers; powders are everywhere – cement, fly ash even in glass. We supply glass to Saint Gobain, Hindustan National Glass. So, wherever there is a batching plant of any kind, we are there. That’s where we supply, that’s where we are concentrating now”.
Future Outlook“We are also coming up with diversification in vibrators, screw conveyors, and butterfly valves. We are having equipment for solid liquid separation and therefore have a plan to venture biogas because that is the need of the day”, Mr. Manduskar highlights.
Major RoadblocksFor mining WAM India offers vibrators. Elaborating the price consciousness in the Indian market Mr. Manduskar said, “The difficulty today in India is people are looking out for cheaper products in mining, cheaper quality which are not technologically driven”. However he feels the situation is changing faster as the requirements are being identified. “The whole concept is identifying the market demands and localise the products. We will go into production of vibrators for the mining industry from next year in our new factory”, added Mr. Manduskar.
Also, manpower is a common problem for every industry. Mr. Manduskar feels, “Lack of skilled personnel is a major drawback. Also, lack of efficient training facilities to use and handle new products is another issue. We have talent but we do not train them properly. This is the need of the hour; we are trying to bring our talent back from the rest of the countries which is an opportunity”.

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