Indian market attracting global OEMs

Though the OEMs in automotive, steel & metals, and oil & gas sectors are well established; the OEM segment as a whole is still maturing in India. However,  a number of global OEM’s are now venturing into the Indian market seeing tremendous potential.
Ninad Pradhan, SBU head for ECC India speaks
Industry overview and Maxon’s presence
Maxon, a Honeywell company is engaged in combustion solutions business. We have a wide range of burners to cater to a wide spectrum of heating/combustion requirements ranging from baking/drying to glass/metals melting. Maxon specialises in gaseous fuel combustion and we offer complete combustion solutions, i.e. burners, gas skids and control panels. With increase in the usage of gaseous fuels in India, particularly natural gas; we see bright future and good prospect for industry. Customers are now conscious about emissions and demand better solutions that give lower emissions at the same time lower installation and running costs. Maxon is well equipped to meet these demands of the industry/customers. In addition to conventional gaseous fuels like LPG, propane, Natural gas; we also have expertise in burning manufactured gases like COREX, coal base methane, coke oven gas , and producer gas etc.
Maxon products are first choice of the industry when it comes to requirements like high turn down, fine temperature control, low emissions, and robust quality requiring least maintenance hence lower life cycle cost.
Target sectors
Practically every sector requiring heat is our customer e.g. automotive, oil and gas, metals (ferrous and non ferrous), textile, chemicals, food and agro products, and paper etc.
Market size and Maxon’s market share
In India, the market is highly fragmented and there are local players as well as MNC players. It is very difficult to put a figure – rough estimate of the total heating market using oil and gaseous fuels could be about US $80-100 mn in India.
Growth drivers
The activities across natural gas piping distribution network growth and expansion, crude and LNG prices, pollution norms, and end product quality are the prime growth drivers for our business in India.
Technological advancements
Some of the recent products introduced in market involve use of patented technology (low swirl technology) for low emission burners resulting into ultra clean low swirl combustion (UCLSC). Few of the other advanced products/solutions launched are ultra low (single digit) NOx burners, low emission burners, smart products, and oxy burners etc.
Status of OEMs
Our business is largely through the OEM’s. Various OEMs like dryer manufacturers, painting system manufacturers (paint shop manufacturers), furnace manufacturers, and industrial processing equipment manufacturers are our customers locally and globally.
The OEM segment in India is still maturing.  The OEMs in auto sector, steel & metals, and oil & gas sector are well established. Presently, a number of global OEM’s are setting-up their business in India. It is to be noted that we have a large number of small and medium scale OEMs across sectors in India. Globally we have a great relationship with the leading OEM’s across sectors and we are trying to have similar business relation in India.
Gas pricing, availability, and emissions norms are not stringent and enforced.
Road ahead
With the natural gas distribution network expansion and increased awareness within industry; we see good growth. To meet the demands of the Indian industry, we are localising the gas skids and control panels. However, the critical components will be sourced from Maxon factories. We are retaining the same stringent quality standards followed by Maxon globally to ensure consistent product quality and product performance for Indian customers.
Recent initiatives at Maxon
Maxon is now a Honeywell group company and part of the Environment and Combustion Controls (ECC) group. We have set up an engineering systems group in India to cater to the requirements of the Indian customers.
For more details on Maxon products, contact:
Anurag Anand
Director – Strategic Marketing – ECC & ED&S
India & Middle East
Environmental & Combustion Controls
Honeywell Automation India Ltd.
Tel: +91-20-66039639

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