Indian market is bracing with high-tech products

Indian market is bracing with high-tech products
“The opening up of the Indian market for foreign entrepreneurs changed the business atmosphere dramatically. The ongoing process of liberalization would make the market much more competitive for foreign entrepreneurs” says Sridhar Ramisetti, Managing Director, DMG/MORI SEIKI India in an interacion with Subhajit Roy of OEM Update.
DMG India Pvt Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary of the GILDEMEISTER Group is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide of cutting machine tools. Tell us about the core business areas of DMG.
We are the leading manufacturer worldwide of cutting machine tools. The core business areas of Turning, Milling, Ultrasonic and Laser are complemented by automation and software solutions for machine tools and solar tracking systems. The product range includes both ECO machines for cost-effective entry into the field of standard machines as well as high-tech machines for highly complex machining jobs.
Which are the Industry segments that utilize your products most?
DMG machines solve the most diverse processing tasks on a daily basis throughout the world. They fabricate precision parts for the automotive industry and machine mobile telephone casings for the telecommunications industry. They produce molded parts for ski bindings, machine engine parts for the aerospace industry and manufacture high precision artificial hip joints for medical technology or laser micro cavities for the electronics industry.
Do you have any CNC metal cutting machine tools which are tailored to the Indian mould making industry? What are those?
Sure, DMG is a full-liner. Our product portfolio includes vertical mills as well as 5-axis universal milling machines from DECKEL MAHO. DMG focuses also on high-speed precision-manufacture in the automotive industry or medical engineering. In this area, the HSC series of DMG represents state of the art.
Of special interest to the Indian market this year, is our new XXL gantry machine model, the DMU 600 P from DECKEL MAHO Pfronten, which is designed for the machining of large components, tools, moulds and dies for the automobile industry, components in the aerospace industry and in the energy sector as well as in the machine tool industry with dimensions of 6 m travel and a gantry clearance with 3.5 m in width and up to 40 tons in weight.
What are the unique features of DMU 50 eco?
The new DMU 50 eco from DMG offers first-rate 5-axis technology at an unbeatable price. It is of course equipped with state-of-the-art components from leading manufacturers as standard, a powerful milling spindle with a maximum speed of 8,000 rpm and an integrated NC swivel circular table with digital drives. With these features it is possible to machine even the most complex work pieces in just two clamping positions.
How unique is your entire range of products compared to similar ones by other companies?
The GILDEMEISTER Group responds to customer requirements throughout the world and offers its customers market-driven solutions. Each year we develop user-friendly innovations. In 2010 alone, we are going to introduce 17 innovations for example in the field of complete machining Turn/Mill and Mill/Turn, 5- axis technology and with the introduction of XXL gantry machines.
GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki have combined their sales and service operations w.e.f. 1st April this year. Can you discuss the prime reasons of that?
The chairman of the GILDEMEISTER Executive Board, Dr. Rüdiger Kapitza, explained the reasons for the joint approach by stating “our joint innovative customer focus allows us to approach the challenges posed by the international economic crisis in a targeted manner and to master them.” In India, our customers will benefit from a considerably stronger sales and service organisation and will be able to select the most suitable solution from a wide product ranges of both manufacturers.
How this co-operation is going to benefit your business and the Indian industry?
From our company’s perspective it helps in targeting more customers who are looking for German-Japanese products. This German-Japanese collaboration helps in getting all these German-Japanese companies into a hold which again helps us to increase our market penetration. 
Can you state any other example which will be from the standpoint of a customer benefit point of view?
A customer will definitely benefit from this German-Japanese collaboration. For example, if a customer is into automotive manufacturing, he would also need die and mould. So if he has been operating with two companies for his requirement, while working with DMG/MORI SEIKI he will get both the services under one roof. According to me, that is the biggest advantage from a customer benefit point of view.
How do you see the potential in Indian market for your business?
Our goals for the next two quarters are huge as the market is picking up now and people know that DMG and Mori Seiki have big plans. Customers have also shown a lot of confidence in us and they know that now if they buy a machine, it will be backed up by a tech center and by a bigger organization which will have more capacities and resources at its hand through the collaboration.
What are your expectations from Indian market?
The Indian market is currently short term price conscious and is quickly bracing itself with high technology products even if they are initially investment intensive. This long term thinking helps DMG/MORI SEIKI, leaders in technology, to improve their market shares rapidly.
How much your company is geared up to compete with your counterparts already existing in India?
With well established direct sales network, highly skilled and wide spread service and application force, DMG / MORI SEIKI established itself as strong contender in Indian market over last 10 years. With a world class Technology Centre coming up in Bengaluru, DMG / MORI SEIKI fulfills its commitment to Indian customers who reposed their faith and confidence over last 10 years.
What are the difficulties you have faced in setting-up your business in India?
Since 1999, DMG started its direct subsidiary in India. We did not face any difficulty as customers welcomed direct office compared to business through dealers.
From an entrepreneur’s point of view, do you suggest any change in Government policy that would help foreign entrepreneurs start their business in India smoothly?
The opening up of the Indian market for foreign entrepreneurs changed the business atmosphere dramatically. The ongoing process of liberalization would make the market much more competitive for foreign entrepreneurs.
Can you discuss about the company’s future expansion plans?
GILDEMEISTER and Mori Seiki are expanding their presence in the fast growing Indian market and are jointly investing in a new technology centre with a large showroom. There, extended solutions for the Indian market and as well as products to suit the precise needs and desires of customers will be presented.

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