Today, India is witnessing rapid industrialization. Lack of concerns in regards to industrial cleaning and maintenance are still the major drawbacks that need serious attention. M Krishna, Managing Director of Kam-Avida India explains
Brief us about your business activities in India.
In line with our corporate philosophy of cleaning and maintenance with ease and dignity; we are committed to bringing about mechanization in the areas of sewer cleaning, roads sweeping, garbage collection and transportation, industrial spillage collection and recovery of bulk material & non-volatile hydrocarbons.
The three reasons why one must gear up to clear up are: Reduce cost of cleaning and maintenance; Comply with statutory; and Protect cleaning crew from occupational health hazards.
Can you discuss about your range of products & solutions?
Our range of products are broadly classified for use in:
•      Drain Cleaning (De-silting and De-choking)
•      Sweeping (Roads, Indoors, Runways)
•      Collection and transportation of Municipal Solid Waste (Primary Collection & Transportation, Intermediate transfer station, Secondary transportation)
•      Industrial Vacuum cleaning (Bulk material free flowing, Non-volatile hydrocarbons)
•      Commercial vacuum cleaning
•      Floor cleaning (Scrubbing, Polishing, Scarifying).
What are the industries your products and solutions are catering for?
Our products and solutions are being used in Municipality (Municipal corporations, Municipal council, and their private contractors); Process plants (Power, Steel, Cement, Refineries, and Petroleum); Infra projects; and commercial establishments such as clubs, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, housing complexes etc.
What are the unique advantages of solutions you offer?
Kam-Avida’s primary strength comes from a thorough understanding of the application, the local condition, the operator’s skills, based on which the machines are designed ground up. All critical components are sourced from global manufacturers of repute. So, our customers get the products of international standards in terms of safety and performance, at very affordable Indian price.
Do you have any manufacturing facilities in India?
We have an one lac square feet assembly plant near Pune, designed for batch production with the required testing facility. Majority of our manufacturing is outsourced to our dedicated vendors.
How do you see the growth of cleaning and maintenance machines manufacturing sector in India?
This is a completely neglected activity. Modern India still suffers from the pre-historic methods of manual cleaning putting to risk the cleaning crew, and compelling them to use tools and tackles for carrying out this important task. It is due to this lack of concern that this entire group of professionals suffers from an undignified existence unlike their counterparts around the world.
What are the prime growth drivers and obstacles of this sector?
Legislations such as SWM (Solid Waste Management) 2000, the abolition of the manual scavenging act, JNNURM funding and other project funding are some of the key drivers of growth.
The major obstacle is lack of funding since the majority of the civic bodies are not profitable in their operations. Secondly, the new concept of automated methods of cleaning and maintenance is still to be widely accepted.

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