Industrial Equip Wash offering efficient and advanced solutions

 Industrial Equip Wash Inc. (IEWI) is the manufacturer of cleaning / sanitising equipment for pharma, food, beverage, chemical and allied process industries. It has been offering variety of solutions over the period to meet the customers’ requirements.
Floor drains IEWI offers a range of floor drains suitable for light to medium duty loads, incorporate advanced designs, high quality and ease of installation at competitive prices. To complete the line of drains, IEWI offers a range of gulleys and trenches in stainless steel. The unique seal design prevents foreign particles and cockroach present in the discharge pipe from entering back in to the sterile areas.
Applications Floor drains are used for the drainage of floor areas and/or discharge of water/process liquids in: clean rooms, showers, toilets changing rooms, washdown areas, labs. The range of floor drains is suitable for concrete floors or floors with tiled finishes.
DesignsDrains are offered in three designs:• Single seal suitable for thin slabs (first floor and higher floors)• Double seal designs suitable for thick slabs (ground floor)• Triple seal designs suitable for thick slabs and sewage lines (prevents back flow of effluents and poisonous fumes)
FinishThe floor drains can be electropolished or chemically descaled (acid pickled) in order to enhance corrosion resistance.
CIP/SIP modules Clean-In-Place (CIP)/ Steam-In-Place (SIP) technology offers significant advantages to manufacturing facilities from efficient cleaning of process equipment and piping at lower costs to improved product quality CIP systems are fully integrated incorporating tanks, pumps, valves , spray cleaning devices, heat exchangers, piping and controls without the need to disassemble all or part of the system, significantly reduces cleaning costs and minimises the handling of chemicals to provide a safer environment for plant personnel. The CIP process involves a sequence of cycles that includes an initial and final drain step, a pre-rinse and post-rinse step. CIP process may include a sanitise cycle to reduce the levels of bacterial contaminants. This cycle uses aqueous solutions of strong oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, ozone and chlorine containing compounds.

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