Innovative Roofing Solutions for Heat Insulation & Waterproofing

Supreme Industries has been on the fore front of introducing path-breaking plastics for myriad applications in diverse industries.  The company, established in 1942, offers unique roofing solutions, already popular in the industry.
Supreme’s protective packaging division plays the role of a solution provider to clients in diverse industries specifically in the application areas of packaging & cushioning, insulation and construction. The division is a part of Supreme group, a leader of India’s plastic industry, handling over 2,50,000 tonnes of polymers annually and having the group turnover in excess of Rs. 4,500 crore. Supreme offers ‘INSU and DURA range of products’ for roofing and thermal insulation applications.
Innovative ‘INSU’lationsEnergy is the single largest operating expense and accounts for over $100 billion in expenses for commercial buildings each year. With a view to improve efficiency and enable conservation of energy, the Thermal Insulation Division of Supreme provides top-of-the-line insulation solutions with its ‘INSU’ range of products. Each of the products that Supreme offers i.e. INSUshield – FR, closed cell chemically cross-linked polyethylene, INSUboard – Extruded polystyrene and INSUreflector – Radiant barrier are for the purpose of saving energy in different segments of the industry and for different applications. 
Supreme’s Thermal Insulation Division offers solutions in the following areas:• Underdeck insulation in PEBs, textile units, malls, airports etc.• Ducting Insulation in hospitals, shopping malls, airports, PEBs, IT/ BPO etc.• Pipe insulation for split AC tubings, chillers piping, drain pipes, chilled water lines etc.• Floor insulation in server rooms, data centres, medical & diagnostic centres, and control rooms for petrochemicals• Overdeck and wall insulation in commercial buildings, residential buildings, cold storages etc.
In line with this, Supreme offers ‘INSUreflector’ – a radiant heat reflective insulation material made of polyethylene air bubble film (ABF) laminated with aluminium foil on one or both sides. The bright surface of the aluminium foil reflects 96 – 99 per cent infrared radiation received by the surface of a heated slate roof. It protects the building from undesirable heat gain. The thin reflective foil having low emissivity and high reflectivity when installed with an air space restricts the transfer of far-infrared radiation making it an ideal material to be used for underdeck application.
‘INSUshield’ is a non-fibrous, fire retardant (‘Class O’ in fire propagation and ‘class 1’ in surface spread of flame), closed cell, tri dimensional chemically cross-linked polyethylene foam. An ideal environment friendly insulation material, with a perfect solution for all your insulation needs for ducts, roofs, pipes, vessels, etc. The divergent advantages of ‘INSUshield’ are ease of installation, low thermal conductivity and good moisture and vapour resistance preventing microbial growth and optimum condensation protection.
‘DURAroofil’ (formerly SIL ROOFIL) are customised, light weight, resilient, soft, polymer based closed cell profiles for PEB structures.
‘DURAmembrane’ keeps dampness at bay. DURAmembrane is a new offering in the portfolio of competent and DURAble products of the Supreme’s Construction Accessories Division. It is a new generation, cost effective solution for waterproofing of basements and roofs. It is a versatile material, capable of retaining the dryness of concrete, masonry, metal and wood structures and is resistant to salts, alkalis, and most acids. “Supreme is the only manufacturer of this type of water-proofing membrane in India. It can be used for applications like – concrete roof waterproofing, basement waterproofing and also water-proofing of bathrooms & terrace gardens. DURAmembrane can not only be used in new constructions but also at the time of repair of a structure,” points out Ajay Mohta, GM (Construction Accessories Division), The Supreme Industries.It does not absorb water at all; its ‘K’ value does not deteriorate. Talking about evaluation against bitumen based products, Mr. Mohta adds, “We all know that bitumen disintegrates after contact with water. Further, over a period it catches fungi and also starts melting during summer, thus lowering its puncture resistant strength. The striking feature of DURAmembrane is that it has a very good puncture resistance of 199 N (Test method – ASTM E154: 1999) and being polymer based, it won’t deteriorate also over a long period.” Quality at its BestA methodical, systematic and stringent approach to quality ensures durability to all their products. The company adheres to international quality standards while manufacturing products. ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 certifications and NABL accreditation for various plants is a testimony to their serious approach to quality.
Contact:Underdeck Insulation:  Mail at insulation@supreme.co.in or call on +91-98190529116Waterproofing: Mail at dura@supreme.co.in or call on 91-9831020808 / 9810495550

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