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Harlow International and Honeywell commissioned an integrated building security system to a challenging schedule
Benefits Harlow International was awarded a challenging project involving a major technology upgrade to the Al Rasheed Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq in advance of the Arab Summit which was held at the hotel. With just months to plan and install, the company turned to a partner in integrated security systems. 
Honeywell supplied Harlow with various solutions including the Honeywell Fire System, Building Management System (BMS), Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Digital Video Manager (DVM) all integrated and viewed through the Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI). Honeywell’s EBI seamlessly integrates the access control system, cardholder management system, paging, digital video management, CCTV surveillance cameras and perimeter intrusion detection all under one centralised common operator interface.
In addition to the technology, Honeywell provided onsite skilled resources for each of the disparate systems and trained the Harlow International and hotel personnel on the upgraded system.
The successful implementation provided the following benefits: • Integrated system with a single console from where all disparate systems could be monitored and controlled • Ease-of-use and manageability for better monitoring and control with new graphical interface • Necessary data gathered throughout the hotel was easily accessible from a centralised control room.Onsite customised training covered all possible operations and maintenance issues to the maximum possible extent
Background Harlow International is an international company manages and delivers building, infrastructure and industrial projects. In conjunction with its partners and associates, Harlow International has the expertise to deliver success, specifically within Iraq. The company has in-country experience, market knowledge, and a keen understanding and appreciation of local culture.
Challenge Harlow International faced a difficult technology and time challenge in updating the security and centralised management console at the Al Rasheed Hotel in Iraq.
“We had a very short time span in which to receive delivery of the necessary materials, facilitate training and source companies willing to work and travel to Iraq for commissioning related activities,” said Mazin Wajih, CEO, Harlow International.
Old technology at the hotel had separate fire alarm systems, CCTV systems and BMS systems all controlled from different panels. Harlow International wanted a new and advanced technology that could provide the hotel with an integrated viewing system for centralised management and control.
Solution Harlow International selected to work with Honeywell in order to meet the tough challenges set forth with this project. The needed materials were shipped and delivered in just three months from the PO date for installation at the facility. 
Honeywell supplied the following systems: The XLS3000 Fire Alarm Control panelThe panel includes the industry’s first self-diagnostic tool — the System Maintenance Analysis and Reporting Tool (SMART) —developed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. It automatically tracks the testing and inspection requirements of fire alarm devices like smoke detectors, pull stations and output relay modules and alerts building owners and inspectors to devices that haven’t been tested as required.  XL 1000 BACnet ControllersThe BACnet DDC controls all HVAC control applications, and building automation functionalities. The controller can be applied for stand-alone operation, dial-up and in network systems.
CCTV or DVMWhile the CCTV monitors perimeter fencing and points of entry or egress helping to identify breaches and false alarms, the Digital Video Manager is a scalable, software-based digital surveillance and video management solution that lets you view and control any camera from anywhere in your enterprise.  FM200 Fire Suppression System This is an automatic fire suppression system and can operate without human intervention by means of smoke or heat detection, actuation and delivery. Local Manual operation is also possible. Delivery is accomplished by means of piping and nozzles. Nozzle design is specific to the agent used and coverage desired. Once actuated, the agents (FM200 systems) can achieve their extinguishing capacity within seconds stopping ordinary combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they spread.
All of the above systems were integrated into Honeywell’s EBI system at the front end for centralised control. EBI serves as a platform for both fire detection and security systems to provide the building personnel with total situational awareness.
“Although this was a completely new system for us and the hotel, Honeywell provided invaluable training to Harlow International representatives, on all systems, based at the training centre in the United Arab Emirates,” continued Mazin Wajih. “Honeywell also sent a trainer to Baghdad site to train the end user operators directly on all systems to ensure confidence and competence in the product.”________________________“With Honeywell’s product expertise, onsite training and understanding of the culture, we were able to update the hotel’s systems and provide a single console for central management and control,”
– Mazin Wajih, CEO, Harlow International, Baghdad._____________________________________

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