KHD Valves offers flush bottom valves

 KHD Valves Automation Pvt. Ltd. has presented flush bottom valves which find their applications in reactor vessels, autoclaves, other pressure vessels for handling abrasive, slurry, pulp, viscous material or semi solid media.
These valves do not require any lubricants. Packing option is available as per service condition to suit for high temperatures.
 The company offers a tailor made design do suit your reactor/vessel nozzle pad dimensions. Also third party inspection is offered by the company.
Salient features:• Design option : upward opening  (stem travel in the vessel)    downward opening (stem travel in the valve body), ram type (piston)• Seating option : stellited, metal to metal or soft seat.• Stem design : rising stem, (open / close position indicating type)• Type : jacket / non jacket• Material: cast steel , SS 304, SS 316, carbon steel or any• Construction: special alloy to suit the customers’ requirement• Size range : 15 mm to 150 mm.

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