Kirloskar Chillers launched TURBOLEV range of chillers

 Kirloskar Chillers, a part of Kirloskar Group, a Pune based engineering conglomerate, has announced the introduction of its TURBOLEV series chillers using magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors. Kirloskar chillers are manufactured and tested in Pune. The TURBOLEV range extends from 95TR to 375TR, with single and dual compressor configurations. Being energy efficient the chillers can easily save 18-20 per cent energy over conventional screw chillers.Periodically introducing innovative products and solutions for comfort cooling, process cooling and heating applications, Kirloskar Chillers has consistently demonstrated its commitment to customer satisfaction in every aspect of its business. In line with this philosophy they have introduced TURBOLEV range of water cooled variable speed centrifugal chillers using compressors with bearings using the principle of magnetic levitation. Certified in accordance with AHRI500/590 and AHRI 551/591, these chillers are highly energy efficient, reliable and extremely quiet.
The company aims to obtain 13 to 15 per cent of business coming in from TURBOLEV chillers in the coming financial year. In the years to come, TURBOLEV chillers would be the logical solution for buildings proposing to opt for Green Building rating in accordance with the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) or Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA) certification systems.
Highlights of TURBOLEV Chillers• High energy efficiency helps in reducing the carbon footprint• Oil free operation: Operates without need of lubrication of compressor• Soft start: The module significantly reduces in-rush current at start up• Silent operation makes it desirable for cooling in highly populated areas• Ozone friendly refrigerant HFC-134a.

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