Konecranes launched new CLX electric chain hoist

Konecranes launched new CLX electric chain hoist
According to Konecranes, its new-generation CLX chain hoist speeds up the work cycle and maintenance work, improves security and doubles the service life of the hoist
Konecranes introduces a new-generation, cutting-edge CLX chain hoist that aims to meet customer requirements. The new chain hoist is a modernised and completely redesigned version of the company’s previous chain hoist. Not only does the CLX chain hoist contain new technology, it also incorporates new innovations to speed up and facilitate operations by the end-user.
The new, steel-framed and sturdy CLX chain hoist is particularly suitable for individual workstation applications, such as assembly cells, in the workshop industry. Other applications include jib cranes and EOT cranes. The particularly sturdy structure of the hoist enables a larger load capacity, while doubling the life cycle of the machine compared to the current hoist. The durability of the lift chain was also a key element in the design. The patented chain sprocket dramatically improves the durability of the chain.
The chain sprocket’s transmission has been completely redesigned. The new, oil lubrication-based transmission reduces the operating temperature, enabling increased power. Furthermore, the new transmission is maintenance-free and much quieter to operate. The new transmission increases the speed ratio between low and fast speeds. The new 6:1 speed ratio enables a safe and accurate installation speed and an extremely fast movement speed. The wider speed range makes the CLX chain hoist 25% faster than its predecessor, which helps speed up the work cycle and improves work efficiency.
All components that require maintenance are easily accessible and do not require the removal of any parts. All electronics are located compactly on reliable circuit boards, minimizing the amount of internal wiring compared to the previous model. The new design solutions make the maintenance work significantly easier and faster.
The safety functions have been integrated into the standard characteristics of the hoist. For example, the brake and the clutch have been installed on the same axle, which prevents the load from dropping even if the clutch breaks down. This feature takes the safety of the CLX chain hoist to a completely new level.
The design team of Konecranes has managed to increase the temperature range of the CLX chain hoist; it now operates at -20 degrees to +50 degrees.
The new-generation CLX chain hoist has been designed to be energy efficient, and it meets all the requirements of the RoHS Directive. The hoist’s circuit boards do not contain any hazardous lead as soldering material, just one example of the hoist’s eco-friendly features.
Three versions of the CLX chain hoist will be introduced initially: Type CLX02 with a lifting capacity of 63-320 kg, type CLX05 with a lifting capacity of 250-630 kg and type CLX10 with a lifting capacity 500-2500 kg.

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