Legrand Launches the Next Generation of MCCBs [Aug 2012]

Today’s fast growing businesses demand solutions that meet very high standards of protection and measurement.  In an aim to meet these requirements of the market, Legrand has added 2 new products in its DPX family – namely the DPX3 160 and DPX3 250, for providing improved protection and control of all your low voltage requirements.
Legrand offers a complete range of MCCBs for all your requirements from 16 to 1,600A. Available in total 5 frame sizes – 2 in the DPX3 range and 3 in the DPX range with a breaking capacity range from 16 to 70kA and 16 to 100 kA respectively. The recently launched DPX3 is an ideal solution for reliable, safe and precise protection of people and property that also offers good continuity of service, easy installation, freedom of layout and easy maintenance and adjustment.
The DPX3 MCCBs have colour marking for easy identification of the breaking capacity. They can be mounted in both the ways, on the DIN rail as well as on the plate. The new MCCBs are available in thermal magnetic versions from 16 to 250A and electronic versions from 40 to 250A. The electronic releases provide very precise adjustment of the trip thresholds and the response times. Legrand circuit breakers provide solution for total selectivity by providing 4 types of coordination – current sensing, time, dynamic and logical. This selectivity coordinates the protection in such a manner that a fault on one circuit only trips the protection placed directly upstream of the fault, thus avoiding the rest of the installation being put out of service. 
The DPX3 160 and 250 Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) switches the power supply of the installation to a backup supply when there is fault on the main supply. With the help of DPX3 inter-locking devices, these ATS assemblies can be easily mounted on the front panel without any adjustment. It also offers the flexibility to use DPX3 160 and DPX3 250 together. The whole installation can be rail-mounted, enabling installation in small cabinets. Combined with an automated control unit, supply inversion can be controlled locally or even remotely by supervision. The microprocessor based DPX3 250 with integrated measuring unit, provides access to various electrical parameters with the help of LCD display integrated in the MCCB. The measured value can be seen directly on the LCD screen on the front panel of the device or remotely using a PC equipped with software, via the RS485 communication interface and the Modbus protocol or through a web-enabled smartphone. All the devices in DPX3 range can be converted to plug-in versions. The bases are supplied with all the necessary components to convert the devices. They are mounted on the plates and can be connected via front or rear terminals.
The DPX3 range of MCCBs comes with a complete range of accessories – like under-voltage release, shunt-trip, auxiliary & fault signalling contact, spreader links, conversion from fixed to plug-in versions and motorised control and rotary control. There are 2 motorised control accessories – one with the side control and one with the front control that can take a wide range of DC and AC supply voltages. Direct or vari-depth rotary handles provide the utmost convenience. They can be locked using padlocks or keys to ensure the safety of maintenance operation.

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