Liebherr implements efficient bin picking solutions

Liebherr has developed a robot solution for the removal of unsorted parts from a shipping container for industrial applications. Automating this process is one of the most challenging tasks in industrial automation. It requires complex interaction of an image recognition system, software, robots and a sophisticated handling strategy.
This intelligent removal of items is referred to as “random bin picking”. The industrial-scale automation of this process offers several advantages like increases in productivity, lower workload for staff and greater reproducibility.
In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, Liebherr has already created complete systems for the earth-moving industry. The Liebherr solutions are process reliable and ensure cycle times required along with a high availability. The technical solution includes the efficient channelling of rotationally asymmetrical components, which arrive unsorted in a bin, onto production lines and into hardening ovens.
For maximum precision, the component in the mechanical gripper is aligned through an in-process inspection method accurate to a tenth of a millimetre. In cases of gripping failure, the system continues with minimal delay, thanks to a special automatic correction strategy. Custom bin-picking solutions also deliver the potential for increases in productivity and efficiency in other industries besides the earth-moving industry, i.e. automotive industry.

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