‘Make in India’ will help small scale industries

Apart from being unique, our products are indigenous right from their base platform.
K. Manickam, CEO of CAD Macro Design & Solutions Pvt Ltd CAD MAcRO is an established developer of innovative CAD – CAM products such as wire cut software (Wire EDM), Die mould ERP software, CNC turning software, CNC milling software, press tool design software and a provider of other customized engineering solutions. CAD MAcRO develops softwares that makes manufacturing, tool making, tool planning, NC programming easier and more productive and profitable.
Mr K Manickam, Director, CAD MAcRO shares views on his company, the innovative products and solutions that his company offers and how it believes in the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
CAD MAcRO provides next generation solutions“CAD MacRO serves the market with its next generation CAD-CAM software solutions. We are successful in meeting up with our vision of sustained quality excellence in the last one decade of our journey which has given us a satisfied customer base of 450 plus clients. This is a landmark for us,” says Mr Manickam.
We have retained sizable market share“CAD MAcRO entered the market, eight years ago with software for Wire EDM Machines branded as ‘MAcRO Wire’. Over the years, CAD MacRO has become a pioneer in this segment with almost 70 per cent of the market share. Over a period of time, CAD MAcRO has developed a wide range of software solutions to cater to lathe, tool design, press tool, milling and tool room management solutions. We are proud that CAD MAcRO is an Indian company in the CAD – CAM space that has diversified into a variety of products,” says Mr Manickam.
We are open to the possibilities of ‘Make in India’“Apart from being unique, our products are indigenous right from their base platform. We indentify our products in the Make in India category, and we are open to the possibilities that the initiative has to offer. Most of our clients are small scale industries and die and mould industries which have deliverables which are indigenous in their nature,” says Mr Manickam.
TRM software has made things easier“In the process based industries, establishing a Tool Room Management Software to integrate production, tool room and machine floor used to be a impossible as the tracking process is very complicated. The knowledge and the expertise gathered in the journey of more than one decade made it possible for us to come up with a cutting edge solution which is emerging as a demanding tool in the market. CAD MAcRO allows its products to be tested on a trial basis by die and mould industries,” observes Mr Manickam.
TRM allows better decision making“Our Tool Room Management Solution has been designed as a process tracking tool which connects end to end modules such as order book, inventory, purchase order, manufacturing, human resource, Delivery TAT up to payment follow up. Indeed, it is very tough to develop software solutions which can execute predictive and decisive moves to balance the order book pipeline according to the internal resources. CAD MAcRO has developed the ‘Shop Plan’ software, to address these problems. It provides a complete dashboard of the various reports and alerts to empower the concerned business unit to be more decisive and assertive,” Mr Manickam reveals.
We are constantly updating our products “To keep up with the competition, we are coming out with 3D solutions. We have added Human Machine Interface (HMI) touch points, and have integrated a number of Tool Automation Systems in our products and solutions. We are also continuously pursuing R&D,” says Mr Manickam.

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