Make India self-sustaining with its own resources

Make India self-sustaining with its own resources. This can be done by prioritising and incentivising those areas where the substitutes can be created for imported goods
 In this rapid moving world, wherein today’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow, Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited has carved out a specific position for its products with the help of its in-house multidisciplinary R&D team. Maulik Patel believes India can do it when it comes to its abilities to emerge as manufacturing giant.
Yes, we can do itWe can really do it if India wants to become a global manufacturing hub. However, for this to happen there are two major things which need to be done. First is to make India self-sustaining by all means with its own resources. This can be done by prioritising and incentivising those areas where the substitutes can be created for imported goods. Secondly, keeping in mind the integrity and reliability, brand ‘Made in India’ has to be created in a proper manner.
Rousing factorsMajor factor stimulating Indian manufacturing growth is expected to be within India itself. It should take place through creating more opportunities and rapid growth in infrastructure and agriculture. As 70 per cent of Indian population lives in village, making their lifeline i.e. agriculture modern and more productive will automatically increase growth in manufacturing also. Further, tie-ups between colleges and professional companies in manufacturing industry would help increase employment.
Opposing factorsQuality of education, rather overall structure of education system has to be improved in such a way that instead of just theoretical knowledge there should be more of practical knowledge.
Apart from this, one of the major opposing factors is poor infrastructure. Also foreign competition is proving to be a big challenge for the local manufacturing sector.
Expectations from govtNeedless to say that good infrastructure is the most important factor to be worked on the priority to make sure that the industry runs smooth. Further govt should help education system to raise its current standard by focusing more on hands on practical than just theoretical knowledge.
Sahajanand’s focus  Sahajanand claims that it takes lot of initiative on R&D due to which it is able to survive, sustain and grow in the present competition. By adding new products to its portfolio, it is expecting around 30 per cent of growth from the previous year.
The company has always been coming up with new products being specific about productivity, ease of operation and very robust system. In addition to domestic market, now its focus will be on international market as well.
Sahajanand Laser Technology Limited has catered to the needs of various industries. The company offers solutions with a wide range of laser systems for diversified industrial applications such as laser cutting, marking, welding, micro machining, solar cell scribing/ cutting, diamond processing, etc. The company provides solutions to scientific and research institutes, government organisations etc in India and abroad. It is one of the few manufacturers providing customised CNC laser solutions.
Maulik Patel, Executive Director, Sahajanand Laser Technology Ltd.

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