Marvel Gloves Industries

Knitted gloves for full protection for hands
Knitted seamless gloves (string knit): These are machine-made from cotton, polyester (spun & filament), nylon (sup & filament), acrylic, blended synthetic/cotton, wool fibre yarn. being seamless knit with elastic cuff and reversible (wear on either hand).
PVC dotted/coated knitted seamless gloves: These are made from cotton, nylon, polyester, acrylic, kevlar, spectra have uncompromised blend of comfort, grip, durability, dexterity for ideal hand protection.
Kevlar para-aramid knitted seamless gloves: They combine lightness with extraordinary thickness. Safety gloves made of knitted or woven 100 per cent Kevlar have three times better cut resistance than cotton gloves and seven times better than leather. Thermal resistance is also impressive. Depending on their design, they can handle continuous operating temperatures of up to 250° c & short term exposure up to 700° c.
Spectra knitted seamless-cut resistance gloves: They are designed to provide outstanding protection from cuts and abrasions. These gloves are soft, lightweight, exceptionally flexible and comfortable to wear and have high employee acceptance all over the world. They are used in food processing, meat cutting/ packing, blade changing, machine maintenance, light burning, sheet metal handling, glass and ceramic industries.
Farooq Abdullah
Marvel Gloves Industries
187/188, 2nd Floor,
Ashoka Shopping Centre
G.T. Hospital Complex
L.T.Marg, Mumbai 400001
Tel: +91-22-2659475/2659480
Fax: +91-22-2626902

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