Mazak India leveraging Machine Tools Industry [Dec 2011]

Mazak to unveil its state-of-the-art Laser Technology during IMTEX Forming 2012 Visit Mazak at Hall 3, Stall A128
Yamazaki Mazak India Pvt Ltd, one of the leaders in the machine tool industry, has a new dimension with to extend and strengthen its foray into the world of Laser cutting.
With one of the most diversified product lines in the machine tool industry, was about time the company established its footprint in Laser cutting – a gradually rising segment in the metal cutting industry. Company has state of the art Technology centre at Sanaswadi, Pune. The company displays its prowess in Laser cutting to its customers with live demonstration on Laser cutting machine. Interactive application oriented display of Laser cut components gives a new thought to customers in various applications as 2D, 2D and 3D, structural fabrication. In this regard, Mazak always keeps informing and educating its customer base with a detailed presentation of its product portfolio within the Laser cutting segment.
Interactive sample displays with case studies for 2D & 3D Laser Applications: Samples of products that has been manufactured using Mazak 3D Laser processing machine. By simply placing long pipes and structural material on the loading station, all processes – from loading material to 3D, complex or angled configuration Laser processing – can be finished in a single machine setup according to the NC program.
3D cutting versus 2D cutting : Mazak has been providing 2D Laser cutting machines to the industry in India for some time now, also the foray into the world of 3D Laser cutting is one of the primary objectives behind Mazak’s product range. At Technology centre and Imtex 2012 Forming exhibition, customers can witness its revolutionary 3D Laser processing machine and applications for long pipes and structural materials.
By simply placing long pipes and structural material on the loading station, all processes – from loading material to 3D, complex or angled configuration Laser processing – can be finished in a single machine setup according to the NC program. Finished work pieces are automatically unloaded.
Laser machines with Tools room operations: Innovative machine series as Hyper Gear, Space gear M II and 3D FABRI GEAR are available with an optional tapping unit to process any shape of material with regular tool room operations for sheet metal and structural fabrication. A considerable reduction of non-cutting time, in process idle time in material movement and tool room operations can be realised thanks to tapping work pieces in the same machine setup as Laser cutting.
Selection of 2D and 3D: Mazak always emphasises that the cost difference between 3D & 2D Laser cutting machines is not more than 15 – 20 per cent, whereas the advantages in terms of cost per piece, production efficiency is much higher. This in turn, it’s convincing to customers that 3D Laser cutting would provide them in the long run and add new dimension to their business portfolio. The various user-industries for 3D Laser cutting machines include aerospace machining, construction engineering, heavy engineering, infrastructure and automotive component manufacturing.
Mazak Lasers are manufactured undergroundMazak Laser machine are manufactured in underground Phoenix Laboratory, about 36 feet below ground level with total floor space of 108,000 Sq Mt. All environmental factors of the factory are controlled to achieve productivity and uniform conditions to manufacture precision optical components and assembly of Laser cutting machines. The features of Phoenix laboratory includes clean room environment required for manufacturing high precision machines considerable energy efficiency using geothermal heat to control factory temperature, high noise isolation, and 48 per cent external surface covered with grass so that factory blends with natural environment. More importantly, it proves to be eco friendly as it significantly reduces CO2 output due to low energy requirements.
LIVE demonstration of “Non Setup Cutting” on Mazak Laser Machine Optiplex 3015 4.0 KW : Mazak’s patented Constant Beam Length Technology with Non Set up cutting truly demonstrates facts in terms of direct saving which the customer can realise immediately on the use of machine.
A new concept introduced by Mazak – ‘Non dependency on Skilled Operators’: As Laser machine users are witnessing scarcity of skilled operators. Dependability on skilled operators is not justified in terms of productivity and deliveries in time. Mazak machines are equipped with auto setting features as Auto Nozzle changer, Auto Torch changer, Nozzle inspection, nozzle pre setter, Nozzle cleaning and grinding. So, non dependability on skilled operators is highly justified.
Emphasis on “Mazak 3D Laser Technology”:  Introduction to world of 3D Laser cutting machine for form components, cubic components, long pipes and structural materials. The company also provided samples of products that had been manufactured using the 3D Laser processing machine. 
Mazak has a clear edge over competition in terms of ‘one stop shop’ for the most critical requirements that industry can demand. It has highly skilled handpicked engineers in different strategic locations to cater to the customer’s specific needs. The Mazak team is always present in case any need arises. Domestic companies still have a limited range of machines that can cater to the future needs of the growing Indian market. Hence Mazak’s potential is realised by customers in terms of “one stop solution provider” for all industrial applications.

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