MHE sector foresees brighter prospects

“It’s just matter of time and threshold of business opportunities will be opened up for Indian bulk MHE sector,” believes Y Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director, Bevcon Wayors Pvt. Ltd.
 Bevcon Wayors offers bulk material handling and processing solutions. It has over two decades of material handling and processing experience. Y Srinivas Reddy analyses the current market conditions and expects to change the same in positive manner.
Turbulent times Business of Indian bulk material handling for past two years is really riding very bumpy road filled with pot holes called dynamic fluid situations, uncertainty, ambiguous, complex all through the journey. To sustain, one needs to have adaptability to handle the crisis and accept fact that this turbulence is going to stay for a while and strategise plans for long-term results.           Mr Reddy expressed that the government has to take some initiatives like:• Accountability at decision making level of bureaucracy• Investment friendly transparent industrial promotion policies• Eradication of red tapism and creation of single window clearance process• Empowerment of financial institutions to promote and fund projects• Time bound irreversible economic plan to be implemented.
Bevcon strongly believes three crucial growth drivers for organisation development they are: innovative technologies, financial discipline and people management  During these turbulent times Bevcon took the opportunity and strategised various growth oriented measures to gear up to meet the future business challenges, mentioned few are:• Putting up a new manufacturing plant in strategically located Raipur• Implementation of blue print to manufacture totally automated idler and pulley manufacturing plant• Up gradation of process technology across organisation and high investments in people developments aspects.
“It’s just matter of time and threshold of business opportunities will be opened up for Indian bulk MHE sector,” believes Mr Reddy. Market situationCurrent MHE market in India is unpredictable, ambiguous, uncertain and not able to define clear strategies to meet challenges. Current economic situation has big impact on bulk MHE sector whose growth depends on infrastructure development which is really in shambles.
“Due to current turbulent economic times rather projecting the size, projecting opportunities make sense,” says Mr Reddy. “As per recent media confirmation there are about 10-12 lakh crores worth of projects are awaiting clearances at various stages and most of these are infrastructure development projects like cement, steel, power, ports etc. Once current hurdles are overcome, power sector is likely to grow rapidly to fill present demand-supply gap and so the roads and ports sectors.”
Bevcon is a profit making debt free company from the inception and last year its sales turnover was ` 200 crores.
Mr Reddy adds, “MH sector is back bone for infrastructure growth. In current FY we expect major business opportunities going to emerge in this segment which will last at least for next 3-4 years minimum but we are realistic in our optimism and expected to do good business and achieve at least 300 crores turn over by focusing more on medium range material handling projects.”
Bevcon being solution orientedBevcon Wayors provides concept to commissioning solutions and execute turnkey projects for all bulk MH applications. Also, its emphasis on R&D, foreign collaborations and in-house manufacturing facilities helps it offer quality products. All processes at the company are SAP enabled.
“What sets us apart from our competitors is that we don’t sell products; we sell solutions to complex bulk MH needs and establish ourselves as a premium brand in bulk material handling industry in medium enterprise segment,” assures Mr Reddy.
The company ensures following aspects:• Equipment are reliable and efficient in operation• Manufactured under in house  ISO certified  manufacturing units• Cost-effective solutions• Low maintenance/low down time • Low wear costs and lowest product life cycle cost • Technology transfer from collaborations• Customised product development to meet the client’s needs.
“Bevcon Wayors strongly believes that innovation is most crucial in three areas i.e. People – Processes – Products,” says Mr Reddy. “We continuously strive for innovation all these three domains for every project we do, source of innovation is the challenges of the project.”
Bevcon’s specially formed in-house R&D group called TDG develops average 10-12 new equipment per year for the various material handling needs. The core focus of the department is development of new products, validation of products and cost-effective solutions to customer critical applications. The group consist subject matter specialists from various domains work collectively to get the ultimate results.Some of the innovations from Bevcon side are:• Use of side-wall steep angle conveyors for one of the critical application of material conveying • Using of steep angle conveyor for wagon unloading application • Introduction of sandwich conveyors for open pit mine • High efficient flip-flow screens for screening of very high moisture materials.
Bevcon offeringsBevcon Wayors has major market share in turnkey execution of MH applications such as raw material handling systems for steel plants, cement plants, fuel (coal/coke/lignite) handling systems for coal and biomass based power plants, in-plant MH systems, ferro alloy plants, sugar, fertiliser, agri, lime coke handling systems etc.
It has three clear business verticals – projects, products and air pollution control equipment as:• Material handling projects for the core sector of power, steel, cement, sugar and mining. It has new generation/ innovative conveying systems like steep angle cleared belt conveyor, high angle sandwich belt conveyors, high efficient sugar graders, air supported belt conveyor, overland/ cross country/ long distance troughed and pipe conveyor, skid mounted coal handling plants.• Material handling equipment like screens (flip flow, circular motion, linear motion, banana, de-stoner, de-watering), crushers (impactor, hammer mill, roll crusher, pulverisor, jaw crusher, ring granulator), feeders and other conventional conveyors (bucker elevator, screw conveyor, drag chain conveyor, roller conveyor, ash conditioner etc.)• Pneumatic conveying and bag filters
Manufacturing capacityBevcon’s turnkey solutions include custom design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of bulk MHE. A majority of these equipment are manufactured at Bevcon’s facilities itself which provide customers flexibility for custom designs suitable as per their requirements. The company has the state-of-the-art manufacturing set-up in Hyderabad with latest technology where in raw material to finished product takes place in one roof supported by latest added plasma cutting machine which are ISO certified and streamlined back end process through SAP integration.
As part of its future business strategy, it has clearly adopted concept of backward integration by way of setting up third unit for state-of-the-art idler and pulley manufacturing plant this FY. Also, recently it has started fourth full-fledged manufacturing plant at strategically located in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Current FY it has expansion plans to expand its manufacturing base by putting up fifth manufacturing unit in Hyderabad.

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