MSSIPL: proven design, low-cost installation and reduced construction time

Membrane System Specialists Inc., USA,  is a turnkey solution provider and integrates design, fabrication, installation and commissioning  of large projects primarily for the food and beverage industry. It is recognised as the innovators by the food and beverage industry and  holds several patents to its credit. Membrane System  Specialists India Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture with Membrane System Specialists Inc.
The company caters to automobiles/ancillaries, pharmaceutical, dyes and dye intermediates, textile, food and beverages industries, water, wastewater, and food and dairy industries.
Liquid filters• Bag filter housings in quick clamp design• Spring-balanced lid opening – available  from April 2011• FSI filter bags – with polyloc collar• Magnetic inserts available as per  requirement• Installations in several paint shops.  CED paint ultra filtration system• Integrated with KOCH/ SYNDER/ PTI  membranes• > 15 UF installations in India• 114 LPM – TML – U – largest UF   installation in India• Systems working on BASF / KANSAI /   PPG CED paints• Very good rapport with all major CED   suppliers• Strong after-sales service and back-up   support to users.   RO + DM plant• RO/ DM plant suppliers to several PT  CED paint shops• 30 cubic m/hr x 480 cubic m OBR –   supplied to TML – U• 10 cubic m/hr – RO + DM – supplied to   Piaggio, Baramati.   Special features of RO DM plant• Automatic operation with level, pressure  interlock with the help of pneumatically  actuated valves• Automatic regeneration with auto valve  and DI water, will provide uniform  regeneration of all beds and balanced  system performance• Recirculation loop in DM plant. It  prevents water stagnating in beds while  high level in DI water storage tank. It  allows recalculating the DI water from  SAC, SBA and MB unit to refresh the  resin for service.• Simultaneous regeneration of all three  beds. It reduces the downtime of DM  plant as well as holding time/ capacity of  DIWater storage tank. It also neutralises  the rinse/ drain.
The advantages of these systems include proven design, lower cost of installation and reduced construction time. Smaller systems are shipped fully assembled and ready to use at site. Larger systems are pre fabricated in knocked down construction, shop tested and dismantled before shipment. The fabrication is such that minimum time is required for site erection and installation of the system.

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