Multi-Wing set to fly high globally with continuous innovation

“Continuous innovation is the key to increase global market share,” believes Yogesh Thore, Deputy Sales Manager, Multi-Wing India Pvt. Ltd.
 Since its inception more than 50 years ago, Multi-Wing has now become one of the world’s leading brands of axial fan impellers. It produces the most comprehensive and custom designed range of axial impellers on the market, suitable for the majority of applications.
Range of offerings Today Multi-Wing supports customers all over the world within the radiator, refrigeration and ventilation segments. The company focuses to meet their complex air-moving requirements by designing and creating tailor made axial fan products covering a huge number of product configurations and service.
Multi-Wing offers an extensive range of axial fans suitable for radiator packages and other engine cooling applications whether they are for mobile or stationary usage. The company has more than twenty fan blades of different profile designs to match your cooling needs. They are available in a variety of materials to accommodate a range of perating temperatures.
Mobile applications “Mobile application is a broad term covering construction, forestry, mining and equivalent machinery. Each machine is unique and has specific capabilities,” says Mr Thore. “Our strength is our ability to support our customers in identifying the fan solution which reinforces this uniqueness.”
Mobile applications generally call for robust axial fan designs. The combination of axial fan blades cast in glass reinforced polyamide PAG and hub parts cast in aluminium alloy AL means less wear on engines and bearings. This material combination offers an axial fan with high durability able to cope with the vibrations generated by machinery. In situations with extreme vibration levels the variant PAGST may prove to be the suitable option. All versions of PAG enable operating temperatures as high as 120 C.
The company’s axial fans are designed to comply with TIER IV regulations in the USA and the Stage IIIB regulations in the EU. The PressureMAX axial fan blade is specifically designed for these regulations, generating maximum pressure at high efficiencies.
Aiming to raise global market shareToday Multi-Wing group is focusing to meet its customers’ needs all over the world through its global distribution covering all continents and 75 countries with tailor made product and service solutions.
As the company claims, its solutions are based on the wide product range on the market, high quality and service together with more than 50 years of market experience and 30 years of experience with strategic partnerships.
“Considering global market, we have repeatedly reconsidered our role in order to understand and meet complex and changing customer requirements all over the world. Therefore continuous innovation is the key to increase global market share and PressureMAX3 is the latest example of same,” says Mr Thore
Clutch type fan and PressureMAX3 are going to be the centre of attractions at Multi-Wing’s stall at bC India Expo.

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