MX 10 MT: more than one application

MX Series multifunction machining centre is a high flexibility machine enabling machining operation in 5-axis and on five sides, in one set-up part clamping, from roughing to finishing, as well as turning operations
 Huron has developed the MX line of multifunctional milling centres. These highly flexible centres can, in a single setup, perform the most complex machining operations in 5-axis and on five faces, from roughing to finishing, by milling or turning. The MX series is available in several versions.
Essential criteria such as excellence in performance, reduced production times, the most compact machine footstep, full machine automation, and optimisation of the customer’s investment by providing an “all-in-one” machine make this line a “must-have” in terms of cutting-edge technology.
Its high-spec cast-iron moving column structure increases machine rigidity and dampens the vibrations produced by cutting forces in the toughest materials. Rigidity and geometric stability are reinforced by the equal-load ground anchor points.
The linear axes are equipped with ball screws with an expansion compensation system. Low-friction roller bearing shoes are provided for the guideways. Automatic greasing of the ball screws and shoes reduces cutting fluid contamination considerably.
The table is equipped with a torque motor. High locking and holding torque and the rigidity of the design mean that high power can be used for roughing work.
The torque motor-powered head is mounted on a 45-degree plane enabling it to be tilted from (-) 45 degree to (+) 180 degree. Excellent spindle characteristics (torque, power and speed) ensure maximum chip-forming capacity on roughing, and outstanding precision and machining quality on finishing contours and profiles. The machining vibration monitor ensures safe work for the machine components and the tool.
The MX is equipped with a 48-slot tool magazine as standard. This is installed outside the work zone. The machine has a full enclosure for complete protection of the machining zone, the operator and its environment.
The door opening provides comfortable access to the table and work-piece. Furthermore the optional palletiser helps reduce idle time by loading or unloading work-pieces as a background task.
The model shown is the MX 10 MT. This is a milling/turning version which can machine parts weighing up to 2,000 kg, with 1,200 x 1,200 x 1,000 mm strokes and a two-position palletising system with a 1,000 mm diameter turning pallet. The table rotates at a speed of 500 rpm with a design offering very high acceleration rates. The milling head is a “fork” type (optional) with a single axis of rotation. The B-axis, parallel to the Y-axis, can be used to tilt the spindle around a horizontal axis. The axis comprises a torque motor linked directly to the rotating parts to ensure play-free travel and highly accurate positioning.
MX 10 MT has a full enclosure for complete protection of the machining zone, the operator and its environment

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