National 'Good Design' Award for L&T's solar lantern

D.VA, the solar lantern from L&T Electrical & Automation, has won the India Design Mark Award (IMark) presented by the New Delhi-based India Design Council for its exceptional design. D.VA is a solar-powered portable light fixture that offers significant advantages over conventional solar lanterns.
The India Design Council grants IMark after evaluating designs through a systemised process. It is initiated in cooperation with Good Design Award, Japan. Through IMark, the India Design Council seeks to inspire Indian manufacturers to bring out well-designed products in the market that enrich the lives of people.
D.VA, the newly launched solar lantern in the Indian market, was conceived by the in-house design team in the Switchgear Design and Development Centre.  Based on ergonomics and durability, D.VA is compact, sturdy and embodies contemporary styling.
The lantern is a rechargeable off-the-grid device that provides clean, green power and is affordable. L&T has filed design and trademark applications for many of its features.
D.VA provides glare-free and soothing 360 degrees light output equivalent to that of a 5-W CFL. It is definitely a boon for all villages and towns having uncertain electricity supply.
Equipped with several salient features such as mobile charging, brightness control and smart battery level indicator, once fully charged, D.VA can provide uninterrupted light for up to 10 hours at maximum brightness mode and up to 40 hours in night mode.
Charged primarily by solar panels, D.VA also has a mains (AC supply) charging adaptor which can be used to charge even in low or no sunlight conditions. This device does not use kerosene, so is 100 per cent smoke free. It also contributes greatly to the reduction of electricity bills.

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