NJ Series Machine Automation Controller [Aug 2012]

Omron introduces a powerful robust “ONE” automation platform
Omron Industrial Automation has released a new class of controller: Machine Automation Controller (MAC) supported by Sysmac Studio machine automation software. Omron’s NJ-Series MAC was created to integrate multiple, specialised controllers – motion, logic, sequence, vision, operator safety and RFID tracking – with exacting system synchronisation to deliver high performance throughput on a single controller.
Different from conventional controllers and platforms, Omron’s NJ-Series MAC takes a fresh approach to resolve the integration of control technologies without degrading performance. At its simplest, the NJ-Series provides one controller for motion, logic and vision; Sysmac Studio software with a true integrated Development Environment (IDE) supporting programming, configuration, simulation and monitoring; all accessed by one connect ion to networks optimised for factory automat ion information (EtherNet/IP) and real-time scheduler to manage motion, network, and the user application updates at the same time to ensure perfect synchronisation. Updating all three in the same scan is unique to Omron Industrial Automation’s NJ-Series MAC. It sets the performance benchmark top qualify for the MAC category: processing 32 axes and updating in one millisecond.
Evolution Driven by Market DemandThe NJ-Series MAC was designed to meet the challenge from machine builders for a fully scalable, high-speed motion and the I/O controller with the ability to change servo parameters on the fly, integrated vision data, and keep all the servo motor shafts accurately synchronised. They need integrated and expanded capabilities for complete machine control without the ballooning costs of added processors and complexity to handle multiple motion axes at high speed with sequential and process control. The single software tool, Sysmac Studio, eliminates separate software products that make it cumbersome to design, develop and validate programs. The development environment offers time-saving simulation of motion profiles and integrated response from controllers and operator interface terminals.
Sysmac Automation PlatformSysmac (System for Machine Automation Control) is Omron’s powerful and robust automation platform with new machine automation controller NJ-Series that integrates motion, sequencing, networking, RFID tracking, and vision inspection; a new software Sysmac Studio that includes configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring; and a fast machine network EtherCAT to control motion, vision, sensors and actuators. One machine control through one connection and one software – is the way Omron defines true integration.
NJ Series ControllerThe NJ controller is designed for high speed and flexibility. It incorporates an Intel processor proven for harsh industrial environments with fan-free operation, and runs under an RTOS. It is scalable with 16, 32 and 64 axis CPUs. Response time of less than 1ms can be achieved for application of up to 32 axes. The NJ series accommodates most of Omron’s CJ-Series I/O, special application, and communication units, thus leveraging an existing investment in Omron hardware and retaining a customer’s established knowledge base to ensure smooth upward scalability.
Sysmac Studio SoftwareCreated to provide full control over an automation system, Sysmac Studio software integrates configuration, programming and monitoring into one software. It delivers a true Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to eliminate several separate software that make design, development and program validation cumbersome.
Graphics oriented configuration allows quick setup of controller, field devices and networks while machine and motion programming based on IEC61131-3 standard and PLCopen Functions for Motion Control cuts programming time. A smart editor with on-line debugging helps make programming quick and error free.
Advanced simulation of sequence and motion control, data logging and data trace reduce machine tuning and setup. Sysmac Studio also offers an advanced 3D simulation environment to develop and test off-line motion profiles such as Cams and complex Kinematics. Intellectual property (IP) can be safely secured using 32-character passwords. Protection for the complete machine programming or a designed portion, e.g. specific function blocks, can be blocked from being uploaded from the controller.
Sysmac meets the global standards such as EC Directives, cULus, Lloyd, and NK and is designed and manufactured with clean and recyclable material. Offerings of Sysmac NJ-Series to its customers include:• Efficient & extremely fast network for complex motion• Accuracy & speed• Reduced hardware cost• One stop solution• Simplicity in wiring• Easy for troubleshooting & maintenance• Reduced electrical costing & man-hours• Sysmac is a powerful robust ‘ONE’ automation platform.

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