NNG: flexible, experienced navigation software for any hardware

“NNG was the
first navigation developer, offering low cost and ultra low cost
navigation software to the automotive industry,” says Peter Bolesza,
Vice President – Eastern Europe and Emerging Markets, NNG LLC.Navigation
has already experienced a strong growth over the last quarters, and it
will continue to grow in 2014 and 2015. In an exclusive interview with
OEM Update, Peter Bolesza shares everything about navigation industry as
well as their mission — navigation for all.NNG is one of the leading global players in navigation systems. How do you look at the journey of NNG in India?It’s
been an exciting journey. The Indian navigation market is constantly
changing and full of surprises. In 2010, I first travelled from Hungary
to India to investigate the market and the opportunities. Since then,
our business growth and the rising number of partnerships have lead us
to open our Gurgaon office at the end of 2011 and launch solutions for
all market segments (wireless, PND, automotive). Our strategic
partnership with Ayana Navigation Solutions (ANS), in particular, has
helped us to truly optimise our iGO navigation software for the Indian
road system and Indian consumers. Easy-to-use navigation, a local
feature set and customer service are key in India. Navigation
has already experienced a strong growth over the last quarters, and it
will continue to grow in 2014 and 2015. NNG forecasts its main growth in
the automotive aftermarket and line-fit segments. How has been your partnership with Ayana Navigation Solutions?The
cooperation between NNG and ANS is growing stronger continuously.
Partners like Blaupunkt and Caska have reacted well to the fact that we
have combined NNG’s global software expertise with ANS’s local market
knowledge and service solutions. We’re planning to continue this
cooperation and have started mapping out new markets like Middle East.Could you brief us on ANS and NNG product range?We
offer iPhone and Android smartphone solutions directly to the Indian
consumers through the relevant online stores. To our local and global
business partners, who act on the Indian automotive market, we offer
aftermarket, dealer-fit and line-fit solutions. All in all, we’re able
to offer a flexible product solution, system integration, HMI, content,
features and service solutions for every partner.How big is the market for these products and what is your market share in India?It
is still hard to estimate the number of navigation products and
licenses for India in 2014 as no official study is available. However,
NNG counts with 1,50,000 units across the automotive and PND segments.
The total car sales in India for this year with onboard navigation is
estimated at around 80,000-90,000. Half of that will come with
factory-fit navigation; the other half installed by dealers. For the
first, we expect NNG to reach a 45 per cent market share. For the
latter, we expect a 40-50 per cent market share. The Indian four-wheeler market is still dominated by small cars, what sort of navigation solutions you offer for this segment?Small
and low-cost cars are exactly what NNG’s global automotive strategy is
focused around. We want to enable “navigation for all!” NNG was
the first navigation developer, offering low cost and ultra low cost
navigation software to the automotive industry. This strategy has caused
a snowball effect in the industry, forcing more and more car makers to
join the movement by installing line-fit navigation into their new
models. As car manufacturers have started realising that there is a
consumer expectation for navigation, car buyers around the world are
starting to understand that in-dash navigation is not a luxury anymore;
it is affordable and brings numerous convincing advantages compared to
smartphone and PND navigation. In India just like other emerging
markets, we can serve the need for low-cost navigation solutions with
NNG’s experienced software engine which enables a flexible product based
on content, HMI and feature requirements, creating a product that fits
into the price range of every car manufacturer. Our experienced
engineers make the most out of every hardware without additional GPU
hardware costs.Please brief us on your expansion plans and growth strategies.NNG’s
global and local growth plans are mainly focused around the automotive
industry, aftermarket as well as line-fit projects. NNG is serving
projects across all vehicle segments, including high end, low end, city
cruisers, off-road vehicles, super sports cars and two-wheeler
navigation. Besides the navigation licenses that we supply to
our partners, by 2015 the second-largest share of our revenue is
estimated to come from online business, i.e. map and content updates
through NNG’s official website. Content updates play a crucial role in
keeping software solutions in the dashboard up-to date — not just for 1
or 2 years but for the entire life cycle of the car.NNG plans to increase its market share to 70 per cent in 2014. How are you going to achieve this target?To
many partners, we have already proven our capabilities: reliable and
localized software, delivered on time, white-labelled, and running on
the most suitable map and content package that is available on their
particular market.At this point we enjoy an exceptional
reputation in the industry, meaning industry players contact us based on
recommendations by our partners. At the same time, we’re expanding the
cooperation with existing partners. NNG is being awarded projects to
cover more countries and car models. NNG and ANS announce partnership with Blaupunkt. Can you talk more on this partnership?Since
2014, Blaupunkt has delivered its infotainment units to dealerships of
different car makers with NNG’s iGO primo pre-installed. Among others,
Suzuki and Nissan dealers throughout India do now offer these head units
with their new vehicles. NNG has created the most suitable software
solution for this unit, including crucial features such as speed limits
and NNG’s intelligent features which enable the driver to quickly react
to bad traffic situations. All involved parties currently expect a
long-term relationship as the initial customer and dealer feedback about
the product has been extremely positive. What sort of value addition it will make for the Indian OEMs?NNG’s
navigation solution allows dealers and car makers to add a sought-after
feature to their cars at a low price point. While passenger car sales
have declined in 2013 and fuel prices are rising, we enable them to
offer an attractive extra with their cars. Consumers demand easy to use
navigation that allows them to find their destinations quickly and
guides them reliably around the busy streets of India. And they demand
all this at an affordable price. NNG makes it real: flexible and experienced navigation software for any kind of hardware at fast development times.

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