Not just lifting things,

Konecranes is introducing an industry shaping industrial crane, SMARTON. It presents an evolution in crane technology, designed to maximize customer productivity and minimise total lifecycle costs. Depending on the set up, SMARTON can lift loads ranging from 30 tons to more than 500 tons
This new overhead crane is the result of intensive development work to satisfy the lifting needs of industrial customers.
SMARTON® is an evolutionary, not revolutionary, technology that combines time-tested components with innovative refinements.
Adapts to customer needs
SMARTON® cranes have many intelligent features as standard:
• Sway Control
• Teachable Working Area Limits
• Brake Energy Feedback
• Shock Load Prevention
and many optional features to ease the use and reduce work cycle times.
There is no need to equip SMARTON® in the beginning with everything that the customer expects to use in the future. This crane can easily be updated anytime with additional features, such as automated positioning, extended speed range, defined working areas, maintenance monitoring, or remote diagnostics.
Saves space and energy
SMARTON® is a robust crane that is compact in size. This enables new industrial spaces to be smaller than before, reducing construction costs. The compact structure of SMARTON® provides tight hook approaches, allowing the user to put the load down much closer to the wall.
SMARTON® is designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Braking energy is fed back into the power grid, reducing energy consumption and energy costs by up to one third.
Minimises maintenance shutdowns
One of the main goals in the development of SMARTON® was to minimize the frequency and duration of maintenance shutdowns.
The crane monitors its own condition and recommends when and what kinds of inspections or preventive maintenance should be performed. SMARTON® keeps track of work cycles and predicts the remaining safe operating lifetime of the various components.
The service life of hoisting wire ropes is a key element in maintenance expenses. We have clearly extended the life of the wire ropes by optimizing the pulley rope angles in the hook housing, making them as small as possible to reduce the wear and tear on the wire ropes, Additionally, another innovation in SMARTON® is its ability to predict the replacement interval of the wire ropes based on actual operating condition.
The service display enables faults to be solved quickly. Since the fault and its frequency are displayed on the panel, SMARTON® is designed to speed up the inspection time.
The SMARTON® service platform folds over the trolley to protect the trolley components. The space-saving, foldable platform is a brand new concept for which Konecranes has a patent pending. All of SMARTON®’s service points are located on one side and are easily accessible, as compared to other products on the market which require service points on both sides of the trolley.
Remote monitoring is an available feature with SMARTON®. Three support centers located in different time zones around the world ensure that Konecranes can offer 24/7 support for equipment, regardless of the location.
Makes operations easy and efficient
SMARTON®’s intelligent, yet easy-to-use Human Interface to Machine (HIM) system keeps the user continuously up to date on not only the weight of the load but also its position relative to the available workspace.
The HIM implementation tool makes it easy to understand the features of the device and speeds up user training. With HIM, the crane operator can program SMARTON®’s working cycle – a feature that can definitely boost productivity!
SMARTON in brief
SMARTON® is an innovative, intelligent and robust crane for a variety of demanding industrial applications. Customers will learn that they no longer have to compromise on features, delivery and performance. This machine will make ordinary cranes obsolete
• Space-making
• Maintenance friendly and Modular
• Adjustable and Applicable
• Reliable and able to move
• TONs

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