Pentair’s new solutions to meet wastewater needs

Pentair, a leading name in water industry, continues to come up with its new innovative solutions to meet the needs of municipal and industrial wastewater applications
 Pentair has developed the Airlift Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) to cater to the needs of municipal and industrial wastewater applications where stringent wastewater discharge norms are expected. This energy efficient treatment concept comprises of ultra-filtration membrane modules which allows upstream bio-reactors to operate at elevated bio-mass (MLSS). Pentair’s airlift MBR technology therefore offers an ideal small footprint solution for municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Added to this advantage, the permeate quality is superior (Turbidity < 0.1 NTU) and the same is achieved with very low energy consumption. Some special features of airlift MBR technology are that the modules are placed outside the bioreactor thereby enhancing easy accessibility and clean environment, higher operating flux and low trans-membrane pressure.
Besides airlift MBR, Pentair has developed Crossflow MBR with compact 27 ultra-filtration membrane modules to ensure high quality effluent that can be reused directly or further treated. Crossflow MBR in principle combines the biological process with membrane separation. This technology works on in-out mode of operation so that the modules are placed outside the reactor which paves way for easy access and maintenance. Typical industrial wastewater sources shall be from refinery, textile, oil and gas, beverage etc. Leachate treatment is a specific application where Pentair’s Crossflow MBR technology is being used.
Pentair’s Aquaflex ultra-filtration membranes offer a reliable solution to meet high standards of turbidity and micro-biology when it comes to reuse of polished effluent from wastewater treatment plants. Pentair has developed Aquaflex skid design with suitable modular characteristics which handle flows up to 800 cum/hr with an installed membrane surface area of 6,600 sq.m. The skid layout offers an optimum footprint and enhances ease of maintenance. Some special features of this membrane are dead-end filtration with low energy consumption, use of low cost chemicals and small footprint.
Apart from these products, Pentair has also come up with a latest innovative solution called X-Line keeping in mind the customised requirement expected from various customers. X-Line is considered to be unique in the market for its serviceability, scalability and flexibility. X-line is developed in such a way that it ensures easy assembly at site so that a considerable amount of assembly hours are saved. X-line in principle uses the proven Aquaflex ultra-filtration membranes for the purpose of effluent polishing in municipal and industrial wastewater applications. Some special features include pre-engineered plug and play, minimised turbulence in the X-line rack / skid and easily scalable.
Pentair’s another technology is ECOPOD which is different from the above in principle that it is not a membrane based technology, rather it is a core biological process oriented technology. ECOPOD is a fixed film wastewater treatment system. It consists of a specially designed contaminant device that houses an engineered plastic media specifically designed to treat domestic wastewater. ECOPOD shall be used for residential / commercial / hospitality wastewater treatment applications. Some of the advantages of ECOPOD are: ANSI / NSF International Standard 40 Class 1 certified, simple design, easy to operate, minimum sludge production, no need for clarification, no washout of mixed liquor, smaller footprint, low energy blowers requirement and minimum maintenance.

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