Portable metrology software for FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm launched

 FARO Technologies, a global supplier of 3D measurement, imaging and realisation technology, announced the release of FARO CAM2 SmartInspect 1.2 – the industry’s first full-featured portable software for basic geometric measurements without CAD, for FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm. The CAM2 SmartInspect 1.2 can now interface with the FARO Laser Tracker, to provide a simple and efficient solution for those who require the accuracy and large measurement volume provided by the capabilities of the laser trackers, but not the complexity of CAD-based software. CAM2 SmartInspect 1.2 has been optimised to run on all Microsoft Windows based Touch PCs or Touchpads, providing users a new way to interact with inspection data and measurement devices. The addition of touch capability makes the software ideal for fully mobile measurement applications and establishes it as the first portable metrology software for FARO Laser Tracker and FaroArm.  Additional new features include a ‘Move Device’ function, which streamlines the inspection of large parts, particularly when frequent repositioning is needed. Users can now move their device during the measurement process and measure their part from different positions. By enabling quick identification of correct target correspondence, time requirement to relocate (leapfrog) the arm or tracker and potential error is reduced.  Other innovative advancements are the voice operation and audible feedback functionalities. The voice operation feature enables users to provide instructions using voice commands, allowing for hands-free operation which results in both measurement time reduction and improved mobility. The audible feedback feature provides real-time relay of information, alerting the user when a bad measurement has occurred or when the laser tracker beam has been broken.

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