Power shortage: the biggest speed breaker

Infrastructure, power projects are the key stimulants of any manufacturing sector. A complete transformation is required at various levels
 Fronius is recognised as one of the technology leaders in welding technology. A clear mission for Fronius India Pvt. Ltd. is to provide perfect support for customers working in the field of welding. It offers comprehensive product demonstrations and service of high-quality welding equipment. V V Kamath analyses the present conditions of India to become global manufacturing hub.
Need of balanceIndia can become a global hub of manufacturing only when modern technologies, higher level of automation are implemented in manufacturing sector. However, a complete transformation is required at various levels of industry. Presently Indian industry depends 80 per cent on labours or technicians and only 20 per cent on automation.
Also when the productivity levels of growing economic countries are compared, India is lagging due to huge shortage of qualified engineers and skilled technicians. Current education system seems to prefer to produce IT engineers more than the core sector engineers, and unless the balance is created at this level, the dream of becoming global manufacturing hub will be distant.
Key stimulantsInfrastructures, power projects are the key stimulants of any manufacturing sector. Huge in-house consumption due to the population is also a key stimulant for manufacturing growth, which is also found to be proved to a good extent in automotive or power sector.
SpeedbreakersThough some factors are in favour of India, there are some speed breakers as well which are responsible for making India’s journey slow.
Higher demands of power and low capacity power generation are leading to huge power shortage and this is the biggest speed breaker.  The increasing cost of transportation due to uncertain fuel policy of government and poor infrastructure are also the areas that need improvement. Further, low exposure of latest technology and less implementation of automation also restrict the pace of improvement. And one more thing that has roots in education system, i.e. very low turnout of qualified engineers, technicians and huge difference in salary package between IT and engineering sector. These are all the areas India needs to improve in.
Required govt actionSome proactive action from government is also needed to inspire the sector. Government can come up with various useful policies for the purpose. • Policy in making nuclear power plants• Promoting non-conventional power like solar/ wind which is the trend in Europe/USA and offers huge job opportunities as well• Fuel policy which will stimulate automotive market• Investor friendly environment and motivation to manufacturing sector in import or export subsidies.
Fronius’ strategyFronius has 3 divisions: perfect welding, perfect charging and solar energy. It offers higher technologies and thereby increasing the productivity of the customer and reducing the overall cost of production. Also, the company provides total solution instead of offering just a product by which customer gets the complete know-how in making new components with best of the technology and enormous cost savings. From the solar energy it has products which match latest technology in meeting the challenges of present solar requirements.
V V Kamath, National Sales Director, Fronius India Pvt. Ltd.

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