Profibus – Smart Technology for Process Industry

The modern industries have evolved from handheld press machines to sophisticated systems and machines which can be controlled, monitored form any part of the world via Ethernet medium. Today the top management level is completely aware about the activities of the Production Unit.  This is possible only because of connectivity between the shop floor and top floor. This connectivity is achieved through dedicated Industrial networks such as Profibus, Profinet, Ethernet and many more.
Today the most widely used protocol in industries is Profibus, a standard for digital field bus communication in automation technology. Profibus can be defined as, “Fastest non-Ethernet digital data communication bus for measurement and control in industrial control systems, in process, factory and building automation, capable of working from AS (actuator sensor) in the field, cell upto enterprise level.”
The cement and steel industries are major users of Profibus technology due to its centralised control and works for instrumentation and the electrical systems automation systems. Profibus is used from the initial level of mining till the packing of finished product.
Profibus Application in Cement Industry• Mining & Excavator System – for extraction of raw materials• Conveyer System- for transportation of Raw material till Plant • Crusher & Bunker System- for separation & filtrations of raw material• Junctions from where the flintstone is distributed to  various areas of plant• Plant – from processing of cement till packing in bags.
Profibus Application in Steel Industry• Blast Furnace • Blower & Pump House• Sinter Plant • Cold Rolling Mills• Hot Strip Mills• Galvanising Lines.Profibus is the only protocol that has evolved in not only in terms of Speed, Versions, and Application & Profile which suite the user requirement. Profibus thus dominates the market because it’s the only protocol which has proved its application in every sector, be it process automation, factory automation or building automation Profibus is present another important element; the creation of modular and random repeater hubs that can be maintained remotely with a permanent internal ProfiTrace.
ProfiTrace OE – Remote Monitoring in a Web BrowserPermanent and simultaneous monitoring of 4 Profibus networks is a powerful feature of COMbricks. Global projects and a shortage of (qualified) technical staff members are causing significant capacity problems. COMbricks offers a solution by remotely monitoring Profibus installations over the Internet and alerting the user by email. A web server with a ProfiTrace shell visualises the information in an understandable format (ProfiTrace OE). Because of the web browser, additional software is not required and a constant connection with a PC to the COMbricks is not necessary. The monitoring and logging is performed by the repeater modules which are inserted in the backplane. COMbricks is the first system that has integrated the bus monitor in the network components. Deploying COMbricks repeaters for regular automation means an automatic availability of ProfiTrace OE.E-mail messages provide real-time alerts should malfunctions be detected in the Profibus installation. These can be easily set up through the web server.
ProfiTrace 2- Powerful Analyser for Profibus NetworksProfiTrace 2 is the most powerful mobile analyser for Profibus networks. It is the latest generation in the line of bus-monitor technology because it combines all primary tools in one: • Busmonitor • Oscilloscope • Bar graph • Topology Scan • Reporting • DP Master
ProfiTrace is an essential tool for maintenance, commissioning and troubleshooting as well as product development. Typical failures such as noise, reflections, voltage drops, termination problems, double addresses, wire breaks and configuration faults are easily identified. Random errors such as overshoots, error telegrams, repeats and diagnostics can also be captured and logged. The results can be exported to detailed reports which are accepted by the industry.
For details, contact:UL Group of Companies (Pune)Dileep MiskinTel: +91-20-26960060Mobile: +91 99700 06819 Fax:  +91-20-26962079Profibus@ulepl.comwww.ulepl.com

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