QUA’s FEDI: next generation of electrodeionisation technology

Developed taking into account the limitations of conventional EDI, the FEDI process improves the reliability of EDI for the production of high purity water  
 QUA (www.quagroup.com) is an innovator of advanced membrane technologies that address the most demanding water challenges. The company is committed to ongoing innovation, leveraging its deep roots in R&D and the expertise of staff that is highly experienced in water treatment technologies. The organisation is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Pune and has developed meticulously organised quality assurance and control policies. QUA products are the results of a detailed research and development activities for over a decade at its R&D centre in India.
QUA’s diverse product portfolio includes electrodeionisation (FEDI and FEDI-Rx), ceramic and polymeric ultrafiltration (CeraQ and Q-SEP), and submerged membranes for MBR (EnviQ) for wastewater applications. QUA’s products enable its OEM partners to provide cutting-edge solutions to end-users in industrial and infrastructure markets worldwide. 
With patented dual voltage technology, QUA’s FEDI is the next generation of EDI technology for the production of high purity water. Developed taking into account the limitations of conventional EDI, the FEDI process improves the reliability of EDI for the production of high purity water.  
FEDI Fractional ElectrodeionisationPatented two stage dual voltage process High purity water without regeneration chemicals Hardness tolerant or high flow stacks. 
After successful acceptance of its industrial range of FEDI, QUA was ready to service the pharma, medical, biomedical and laboratory arena with another innovative product range branded as FEDI-Rx. FEDI-Rx stacks are specially designed for applications in pharmaceutical, biomedical and laboratory applications where installations require hot water sanitisation to meet pharmacopoeia standards for purified water (PW) and Water For Injection (WFI). Currently these are available for capacity of 500 LPH to 3,500 LPH.  
FEDI-Rx: global foot print, local support High product water quality up to 16M Ohms.cm Wetted components FDA compliant Quick hot-water sanitisation at 80-850 C Tri-clover compatible connections High  tolerance to feed water quality fluctuations Lower cleaning frequency.  
QUA’s products are serving global customers with installations at numerous sites in India, USA, Europe and Asia. The company received the ISO 9001:2008 Certification in 2012, attesting that its manufacturing facility conforms to this internationally recognised Quality Management System Standard for the manufacture, supply and after sales service of its advanced membrane products. 
QUA is also the recipient of a Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award for Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology, North America, for both its FEDI and Q-SEP Hollow Fibre Ultrafiltration Modules.  

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